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2017 NFL Draft order and needs for every team

This is the first-round order of the 2017 NFL Draft, with an early look at the top positional needs for every team, heading into Week 8. The draft order is determined by record, and using strength of schedule as a tiebreaker (record and strength of schedule are official tiebreakers to determine the draft order).

1. Cleveland Browns
2016 record: 0-7 (.542)
Top needs: QB, CB, S
Analysis: The Browns took a pass on Carson Wentz so now they are still looking for "that guy." Finding a future star across from Joe Haden could be an early priority while the safety spot can potentially be addressed later in the draft.

2. San Francisco 49ers
2016 record: 1-6 (.533)
Top needs: QB, Edge, WR
Analysis: We can all talk about what the "right fit" is for a Chip Kelly offense, but the bottom line is that the 49ers simply need a better quarterback. Finding a pass rusher will be high on the priority list while adding a weapon or two at WR for a new QB could make sense.

3. Chicago Bears
2016 record: 1-6 (.578)
Top needs: QB, OT, DB
Analysis:Jay Cutler's dead cap money drops dramatically, which could lead to his departure. Charles Leno might not be talented enough to man the left-tackle spot full-time. The Bears' secondary talent (at safety and corner) isn't on par with what is expected from a quality team.

4. Carolina Panthers
2016 record: 1-5 (.513)
Top needs: OT, DE, RB
Analysis: It seems like Carolina has needed an offensive tackle for at least the last three years and that is the case again. Upgrading the pass rush off the edge could be an early priority. Jonathan Stewart's injury and cap hit could put RB in play.

5. New York Jets
2016 record: 2-5 (.553)
Top needs: G, TE, LB
Analysis: I'd like to make QB one of the top three needs, but we'll give Christian Hackenberg another year. The interior offensive line should be addressed, as should the tight end spot. With aging inside 'backers, the Jets could look for another youngster to pair with Darron Lee.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars
2016 record: 2-4 (.463)
Top needs: OL, DT, S
Analysis: The play at tackle and guard has been spotty for Jacksonville. Finding a defensive force to plug into the middle of the line and a talented cover safety should also be considerations.

7. New Orleans Saints
2016 record: 2-4 (.525)
Top needs: DE, CB, LB
Analysis: The Saints have to eventually find Drew Brees' replacement, but for now, addressing the defense is the priority. Finding an edge rusher is essential, as is help in the secondary. Adding depth/talent at linebacker could be in play here, too.

8. Baltimore Ravens
2016 record: 3-4 (.438)
Top needs: Edge, S, WR
Analysis: The Ravens need to find their next great edge rusher at OLB. They lack quality depth at safety right now. The Ravens are relying on aging receivers and might look to bolster the unit.

9. Indianapolis Colts
2016 record: 3-4 (.458)
Top needs: LB, OL, RB
Analysis: The Colts are getting old on the defensive side of the ball and could use a young, splashy playmaker at outside or inside linebacker. Protecting Luck is essential and the offensive line isn't doing that well enough. Finding another quality RB shouldn't be difficult.

10. Tennessee Titans
2016 record: 3-4 (.500)
Top needs: CB, WR, TE
Analysis: The secondary has to be addressed early for the Titans with the WR talent inside the division. Tajae Sharpe was a nice find, but the Titans could still use a true WR1. The Titans TEs are getting older and a new infusion of talent is warranted.

11. Miami Dolphins
2016 record: 3-4 (.510)
Top needs: G, DE, TE
Analysis: Will Mario Williams and Brandon Albert be back next year? If Albert and Williams become cap casualties, Laremy Tunsil will move to LT, which opens up a guard spot, and defensive end will be in play via the draft. Tight end is a likely target.

12. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams)
2016 record: 3-4 (.500)
Top needs: CB, WR, TE
Analysis: They need to bolster their secondary, and still could still use a true WR1. Adding young talent at TE should be a priority, too.

13. Cincinnati Bengals
2016 record: 3-4 (.521)
Top needs: G, LB, RB
Analysis: Cincinnati has to find a way to get its running game going, and that might mean looking for help on the interior offensive line. If Jeremy Hill struggles again this year, adding another RB could be warranted. Finding quality linebackers always rates as a priority for the Bengals.

14. San Diego Chargers
2016 record: 3-4 (.543)
Top needs: OT, WR, QB
Analysis: The Chargers have serviceable tackles, but they've been going with "serviceable" for too long. It's time to commit. With another injury to Keenan Allen, San Diego could look to add another option at the position. Philip Rivers is locked in but the team is badly in need of an upgrade behind him on the depth chart.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2016 record: 3-3 (.427)
Top needs: DL, S, C
Analysis: Tampa Bay will need to find a high-impact player along the defensive line who can create mayhem on a regular basis. Safety is a need and could get early round consideration. The Bucs have to upgrade the talent along their offensive line. They need a good, young center.

16. Arizona Cardinals
2016 record: 3-3-1 (.500)
Top needs: G, QB, ILB
Analysis: Veteran right guard Evan Mathis is more band-aid than solution. Carson Palmer will turn 37 this season, so that position is becoming a priority quickly. A playmaking inside 'backer should be in play, too.

17. Buffalo Bills
2016 record: 4-3 (.439)
Top needs: OT, DE, DB
Analysis: The Bills will likely be looking for a bookend right tackle after the season. Finding a defensive lineman who can win at the point of attack as well as rush the passer should be a priority. The Bills need more talent at cornerback and safety.

18. Detroit Lions
2016 record: 4-3 (.468)
Top needs: DT, CB, WR
Analysis: The offensive line might make its way onto this list, but we will give it time. The defensive line, however, needs a penetrator at defensive tackle and the Lions might have to draft one. Finding a third wide receiver and a potential starter at cornerback should be on the to-do list.

19. Washington Redskins
2016 record: 4-3 (.511)
Top needs: DL, OL, QB
Analysis: As it stands now, the Washington Redskins need to be able to win the physical battles in the trenches more often. To that end, finding quality run-blocking for the O-line and run-stuffing for the D-line is a priority. Is Kirk Cousins really the guy in Washington?

20. New York Giants
2016 record: 4-3 (.578)
Top needs: DE, QB, LB
Analysis:Jason Pierre-Paul is going to have to play exceptional football to earn another contract considering how much the Giants are now paying Olivier Vernon. The linebacker spot could use an infusion of talent and finding a young, quality backup at QB is a need.

21. Houston Texans
2016 record: 4-3 (.574)
Top needs: ILB, OL, TE
Analysis: The Texans must find some speed for their inside linebacker spot. Along the offensive line, OT Duane Brown is coming off of injury and getting older, and G Xavier Su'a-Filo could use competition. The Texans need TE in a big way.

22. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles)
2016 record: 0-7 (.542)
Top needs: QB, CB, S
Analysis: Cleveland traded the No. 2 pick in the 2016 draft to the Eagles, who spent the selection on Carson Wentz. So, the Browns are still looking for "that guy" at QB. Finding a quality complement to Joe Haden should be on the to-do list, and the safety spot could be addressed later in the draft.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers
2016 record: 4-3 (.553)
Top needs: LB, OL, QB
Analysis: With Lawrence Timmons and Jarvis Jones in the final year of their deals, the outside and inside LB spots might need to be addressed. The Steelers could use a young swing tackle and guard prospect to groom, as well as a QB to develop behind Ben Roethlisberger.

24. Green Bay Packers
2016 record: 4-2 (.538)
Top needs: G, TE, RB
Analysis: The Packers cut OG Josh Sitton before the season, and should be looking to the draft for a long-term answer at this spot. Green Bay understands the importance of finding a top-notch tight end, while adding depth (and competition) at RB will be important, even after the acquisition of Knile Davis.

25. Atlanta Falcons
2016 record: 4-3 (.522)
Top needs: Edge, CB, DT
Analysis: Atlanta hasn't gotten much pass rush from Vic Beasley, so it might have to look for a rusher yet again. A dominant defensive lineman would go a long way in shoring up the defense, as would more cover help in the secondary.

26. Kansas City Chiefs
2016 record: 4-2 (.488)
Top needs: QB, ILB, S
Analysis: While his contract might preclude the Chiefs from moving on without Alex Smith, finding a potential future starter wouldn't hurt. The Chiefs could look to hit reset on their safety situation and the addition of an ILB should be in play for the Chiefs.

27. Denver Broncos
2016 record: 5-2 (.447)
Top needs: OT, S, TE
Analysis: If Russell Okung plays exceptionally well this season, perhaps left tackle won't be a need. Denver might look to go younger at safety, and a versatile TE always makes Gary Kubiak's offense better.

28. Seattle Seahawks
2016 record: 4-1-1 (.393)
Top needs: OT, DT, CB
Analysis: The first need should be left tackle and the second need should be right tackle. OT is that high of a priority. Adding talent at the hybrid DE/DT spot should be a possibility, as should finding another long-armed, physical playmaker at cornerback.

29. Oakland Raiders
2016 record: 5-2 (.457)
Top needs: CB, OT, ILB
Analysis: The Raiders had hoped that their offseason changes at cornerback would help shore up that deficiency, but it's still an area of need. The Raiders needed a tackle last year and they still do. Oakland is in desperate need of more talent at middle linebacker.

30. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota Vikings)
2016 record: 4-2 (.439)
Top needs: CB, OL, RB
Analysis: The Eagles dealt away a first-rounder to acquire the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 draft, and got a first-rounder in the Sam Bradford deal before the season. Cornerback should be an area in which Philly is looking for an upgrade. The Eagles have an aging center, aging left tackle and average guard play. Finding a quality RB1 might not be difficult in the 2017 draft given the potential for depth at the position.

31. Dallas Cowboys
2016 record: 5-1 (.400)
Top needs: DE, CB, WR
Analysis: Dallas gambled twice on character at the DE spot and might have lost both times. It's time to go get a pass rusher yet again. Dallas could stand to find a starter at cornerback. Adding competition for the WR2 spot could be a middle-round priority for the Cowboys.

32. New England Patriots
2016 record: 5-1 (.415)
Top needs: OT, Edge, LB
Analysis: The Patriots could be in need of at least one, and perhaps two, new offensive tackles. Finding a quality pass rusher off the edge should be a priority. New England has a couple of linebacker spots that might come open after the season as well.

Teams without a first-round pick

Los Angeles Rams
2016 record: 3-4 (.511)
Top needs: CB, LB, WR
Analysis: The Rams have depth at the cornerback spot, but could use a true lockdown guy. Getting bigger and more physical at linebacker could be in the cards, while the search for a true WR1 to go with Jared Goff should be considered as well.
Note: The Ramstraded their 2017 first-round pick to the Titans before the 2016 draft.

Minnesota Vikings
2016 record: 5-1 (.513)
Top needs: OT, RB, DT
Analysis: The Vikings are without a first-round pick, but with tackles Matt Kalil and Andre Smith both set to be free agents, addressing offensive tackle could be critical. The level of need at RB is dependent upon Adrian Peterson's future, and defensive-tackle depth is needed.
Note: The Vikingstraded their 2017 first-round pick to the Eagles in a deal to acquire Sam Bradford.

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