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2021 NFL Fantasy Football Start 'Em, Sit 'Em Week 3: Intro

You have lineup questions. We have answers. At least we hope. Start 'Em & Sit 'Em has helped fantasy managers for years make those pressing lineup decisions. And you know what is a good decision? Starting Patrick Mahomes. But that's too obvious, so you won't see that here. Instead here are some of the most-pressing questions. And, if you can't find a player you are looking for, please check out latest NFL Fantasy lineup rankings right here.

John Harbaugh made the Baltimore Ravens a legit championship team, all by asking Lamar Jackson if he wanted to go for it on fourth down. And make no mistake, Harbaugh had already made up his mind to go for it. He just wanted to hear his quarterback say that he wanted to go for it, too.

And you knew Lamar was going to say yes. He's a competitor. A former MVP and Hesiman Trophy winner. There was no doubt that he was going to say yes. And by doing so, they became a championship team on that one play.

And I know they were 14-2 a few years back. The No. 1 overall seed. But they needed this win. They needed to finally break that glass ceiling. That glass ceiling being, of course, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Because the Ravens could have gone 14-2 (well, they can't because of the 17th game this year, but you know what I mean), it wouldn't have mattered if they hadn't beat the Chiefs. It's a lot like in wrestling. To be considered part of the main event scene, you had to, you know, beat an actual main event player.

That had dodged the Ravens for some time.

Think of it this way. We take Christian as a viable player for Kenny Omega's title, because he's beaten Kenny Omega in the past. Bryan Danielson looks like a viable contender because he's won a title in the past. The Ravens haven't been there yet. But they sure seem like a credible contender now. All by making the bold move to go for it on fourth down to seal the win.

Maybe when you're setting your fantasy lineups this week you can take a little bit of that fighting spirit. Don't play scared. And make a bold choice. I mean, don't start Jameis Winston over Lamar Jackson like some of you were asking last week. But at the same time don't be afraid to be great. You never know what might happen.

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