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Aaron Rodgers on ideal center: Butt height and sweat

What makes an ideal starting center in the NFL? 

We would put strength, agility, intelligence, and durability on the top of our list of attributes. But we have never played quarterback in the NFL and don't really know. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgerslooks for different qualities.

"There's two main components that a center needs to have, and it's not quickness or agility or snapping or anything," Rodgers told TSN via "It's two things: One, he has to have a good height, and I'm talking about where his butt rests. It can't be too low because I don't wanna get deep in that stance and it can't be too high so I feel like I'm standing up. It's gotta be just right. (Jeff Saturday) has got that."

And how do you know if a center has the right butt height?

"It's a feel. My center in college was about my height and he's real low in his stance. So it made me have to kinda duck down a little bit. It's hard to get out of center. Scott Wells — my previous center — (and) Jeff Saturday: great height. Great butt height."

Unfortunately for Rodgers, Packers backup Evan Dietrich-Smith does not stand out in the second quality necessary for a great center.

"And the second is most important, and that's sweating. How much do they sweat? The worst thing that you can have is third, fourth quarter on a October day where it's 65, 70 degrees and he's sweating through his pants. Because that is not a situation you wanna be in."

The only option in that scenario: A center must change his pants.

"Oh yeah," Rodgers said. "Our backup center — great guy — Evan Dietrich-Smith, he has major sweat issues. And when you get that ball snapped up and there's a lot of sweat that just splashes all over you and on your hands and the ball — it's not a good situation. So he actually has changed at halftime before. So those are the two things you look for: butt height and sweating. Jeff's doing really well in both categories. … Low sweat ratio and solid butt height."

We'd like to thank Rodgers for educating the NFL populace on this important issue. The NFL Scouting Combine really needs to add butt height and sweat factor to their annual measurements.

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