Bears QB Mitch Trubisky suffered hip pointer vs. Rams

Mitch Trubisky's Sunday night departure from action was still the talk of the town Monday, when Bears coach Matt Nagy received another chance to explain what happened.

His latest response wasn't much different.

Trubisky suffered a right hip pointer when he was hit near the end of the first half, Nagy said Monday. He received treatment for it at halftime, but his condition didn't improve from there. And no matter what anyone else says, Trubisky's removal had nothing to do with his performance.

Nagy elaborated with a "check the tape" type of follow-up, explaining that there are bits of proof that Trubisky's injured hip was getting worse as the game progressed. Nagy cited a lack of follow-through on throws and eventually, Trubisky's inability to even sit on the bench while the offense was off the field as examples of the quarterback's level of pain.

"What ended up happening over time with him was it became stiff and tighter and tighter," Nagy said. "We ended up keeping an eye on it and noticing that we wanted to be careful of it affecting his play. ... I knew he had a hip deal but it wasn't significant to not play. But over time the stiffness got to a point to where he really wasn't even able to sit on the bench. That's when I became aware of it and we kept an eye on him for a series and a half."

It was around then when Nagy made the decision to remove Trubisky from the game and replace him with Chase Daniel, a call the coach said he made before the Rams scored to go ahead by 10. It wasn't an easy decision to make and it came with a moment of close conversation between him and Trubisky, which was caught by NBC cameras and interpreted immediately as a benching for his play, not because of his health.

It was, in fact, because of his health, a case of Nagy being required to "protect him from himself." It had "zero to do with his play," Nagy said.

"The thing that you love about Mitch is that he's extremely tough," Nagy said. "I love that about him. But at the same time he's at a point where you could see that it was painful. What I had to do was, I wanted him to know coming from me that he needs to be brutally honest with me in regards to his pain and where he's at. That's exactly what it was."

Where the Bears go from here is interesting. Nagy said Trubisky's status for Sunday is something they're "working through," but he's "absolutely" the starter if he's healthy.

At 4-6, though, things are getting dire. The Bears can't afford another loss, meaning the quarterback situation is even more important than usual. If Trubisky isn't healthy enough to help the team, that will mean more of Daniel. Expect to hear about this again throughout the week.

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