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Bills' Josh Allen says Stefon Diggs situation in minicamp was overblown: 'No reason to continue talking about it'

Stefon Diggs' absence from the first day of mandatory minicamp last month caused a ruckus in Buffalo, a disturbance Bills star quarterback Josh Allen insists isn't a big deal.

"I love him. That's my guy," Allen told the Bussin' With the Boys podcast when asked about Diggs. "The media has blown this so far out of proportion. We are in rookie or minicamp. We're not playing a game for four months. He doesn't show up for one day. He's still there. Coach asked him to go home. They're in talks. They're trying to resolve some things. It wasn't anything major. And (the) media blew it up. They're still talking about it. Let it go. There's no reason to continue talking about it."

It's fair for Allen to be tired of answering questions about his teammate. And the Pro Bowl QB is correct: It's July. None of this could matter in a month, let alone when games begin to count in September.

However, Sean McDermott lit the fuse on speculation and questions surrounding Diggs when he said he was "very concerned" the WR wasn't at mandatory practice. He attempted to brush his comments aside the next day with generic coach-speak, but the damage was already done.

The hope in Buffalo is once training camp begins, the entire offseason fiasco will be relegated to a blip in the radar as the Bills attempt to take the final step from AFC contender to Super Bowl participant.

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