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Broncos' Mike McGlinchey likens OLs to being gifted 'socks and underwear': 'You know you need them'

The Denver Broncos spent big money to upgrade their offensive line, adding guard Ben Powers and right tackle Mike McGlinchey early in free agency.

The moves helped immediately bolster a weakness of Sean Payton's new club, but McGlinchey understands that it will be hard for some fans to get excited about adding big uglies instead of shiny toys.

"It hit me a few years ago when I was watching the draft," McGlinchey said Wednesday in an interview with Mike Klis of 9NEWS. "And draft day or free agency, when you get an offensive lineman or two offensive linemen like we did in Denver, it's like getting socks and underwear for Christmas. You know you need them. But they're not exactly the sexiest gift."

McGlinchey would represent the most extravagant pair of Christmas socks in hosiery history. Those ludicrous Lexus cars with the bows on top have nothing over an $87 million pair of stockings.

The Broncos handed the 28-year-old McGlinchey a five-year, $87 million contract with $50 million guaranteed. It's a massive payday for a solid blocker who has never been a top-five player at his position.

But Denver needed to overpay in free agency to finally end the revolving door at right tackle that has seen more than a dozen men take their shot at locking down the spot in the past decade, including Cam Fleming and Billy Turner last season.

It was a positional issue for the Broncos that McGlinchey wasn't cognizant of until inking his deal.

"Only aware of it over the last week or so," he said. "I've seen a lot of information on that. I hope to put a nice little plug in that hole."

The signings of McGlinchey and Powers, while exorbitant, are a sign from management that the Broncos need to revamp their trenches to compete after spending the past few seasons adding at sexier positions.

The new highly paid RT hopes to be one of the final pieces of the Broncos finally ending a seven-year run of playoff futility.

"I've spoken with (general manager) George Paton quite a bit and I really love the direction he's headed, love the roster that's been built here," McGlinchey told Klis. "I think we're ready to compete now. It's not some big rebuild or anything like that that needs to take place.

"I think defensively, they're going to be a top unit in football. I think we have the potential to be a top unit on the offensive side of the ball as well. And obviously can't forget Sean Payton, who is a Hall of Fame head coach. In all my talks with him, he and I seem to align very well in our philosophy in the game of football. On top of being a great leader and a great person.

"I feel like I fit with what Denver wants to do. It's a fun opportunity to be part of a group that turns things around for a historic and storied franchise. And Denver is obviously an unbelievable place to live.

"So all those factors and, quite frankly, they had an offer I couldn't refuse. It was an incredible situation all the way around. It was the one place I wanted to be and I'm just glad it all worked out."

And the Broncos hope their Christmas socks work out as a worthwhile investment.

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