Broncos' rookie haircuts are as grisly as you'd think

Jake Butt is a survivor.

It couldn't have been easy being a young Butt. Kids can be cruel. But young Jake persevered, using his athletic prowess to overcome the unfair trappings of childhood and adolescence. Becoming a star tight end at the University of Michigan surely helped. Having a sense of humor about it all -- (Instagram handle: JBooty80) -- was vital. Making it to the NFL can have the effect of setting a man's mind at ease, too.

But Butt still has hurdles. Specifically, he's a rookie, and there is no way to avoid the pitfalls of that reality. Case in point:

Butt was far from alone. All the rookies at Broncos camp met their follicle maker on Tuesday, per team tradition.

This is a good football tradition.

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