Bruce Arians discusses his new role with Buccaneers: It's a 'What do you think?' job

Bruce Arians stepped down as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach this offseason, setting up the line of succession for Todd Bowles to take over the club. But Arians remains with the organization in a more amorphous role.

On the Eye Test For Two podcast with Ira Kaufman and Clark Judge, Arians added more detail about his new everyday job.

"It's a 'What do you think?' job," Arians said, via Joe Bucs Fan. "Everybody asks me what do I think and they know they're getting a brutally honest answer, whether it be Joel Glazer, Jason Licht, Todd Bowles or Byron Leftwich. It's been fun going to practice, watching and learning some more, watching us change, looking at the new guys. Man, that draft class is going to be a home run. Looking forward to getting to camp."

During his retirement press conference, Arians noted he wasn't sure what his new role would entail on game days, joking that he wouldn't be yelling at referees as much. However, he noted this week that he plans on being in the booth on Sundays.

"That's the beauty of my job," Arians said. "I get to be in the locker room, get to be around the coaches every day and still have a big hand in the draft. The relationships were always the biggest thing for me. Building a new team, watching the new guys come in. Now, Sundays might be different sitting upstairs. I might be able to still holler loud enough to cuss out the refs from up there."

With Bowles taking over and Tom Brady still in town, the Bucs shouldn't miss a beat on the field. But if they need him, Arians will be around to glean knowledge from as Tampa gears up for another run at a Super Bowl.

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