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Bryce Young-led Panthers offense gets just three points as offensive line struggles mount

Bryce Young and the Carolina Panthers' onus in their second preseason game was a rather simple one: score.

While Young and the Panthers got their first preseason points, the largest takeaway from the No. 1 overall pick's second preseason tilt was once again the leaky and troublesome play of the offensive line.

Young was hit and harassed often in his two drives, leading Carolina to just three points in the process during a 21-19 loss to the host New York Giants on Friday night.

Panthers head coach Frank Reich had a glass-half-full view after the defeat though, commending Young and offering the analysis that his offensive line showed some improvement.

"I thought Bryce looked sharp," said Reich, who was non-committal as to if his rookie would play in the team's preseason finale next week. "Put together a nice drive, obviously I would've liked to have finished it off. ... I just felt like he was comfortable and poised in the pocket and seeing what he was supposed to see."

Reich added of the offensive line that he "thought our protection was better."

In a 27-0 loss to the New York Jets in Week 1 of the preseason, Young's three drives equated to no points as he was sacked once, hit plenty and under pressure on 28.6% of his dropbacks, per Next Gen Stats. It seemed as though he was under duress far more, but he certainly was on Friday against the Giants.

Young was pressured 42.9% of the time and sacked again as the future of the franchise finished his night having completed 3 of 6 passes for 35 yards.

Ahead of Friday, Young and Frank Reich unsurprisingly said they wanted to put some points on the board. That happened, but it wasn't nearly enough to offer up any cure to the ills that are plaguing the Panthers' starting offense.

Young, whose first drive ended in a three-and-out, was able to lead the Panthers on a scoring drive that amounted to three points off a 37-yard field goal from Matthew Wright. Still, it was an odyssey just to get three points, as the drive lasted 12 plays and 7 minutes 15 seconds while encompassing only 40 yards.

Young offered up a bigger sample size, playing 17 snaps over his three drives in comparison to 11 the week prior. Once again he showed his toughness, standing strong against the rush. He appeared largely unrattled and flexed his impressive arm, able to show his strength and accuracy on the run or even with his feet planted and unable to to step into a throw.

It remains arduous, however, to deliver any kind of truly accurate assessment of the 22-year-old QB, as the first two games have been an indictment of his offensive line more than anything else.

Week 1 of the preseason wasn't an anomaly it turns out, the Panthers have issues aplenty up front.

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