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Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin clears up story of lost phone: It wasn't all Scotty Miller's fault

The bliss of the Buccaneers' Super Bowl boat parade had only one downside: Chris Godwin's phone didn't make it to see the vessels dock.

Of the valuable items tossed from boat to boat (see: Lombardi Trophy), one didn't need to be tossed to meet the depths of the Hillsborough River. And after teammate Scotty Miller was made out to be the scapegoat for the eternal loss of Godwin's phone, Godwin cleared things up Friday by admitting it wasn't entirely Miller's fault.

"Honestly, it made the whole memory a lot better," Godwin said during a Friday appearance on Good Morning Football. ... "We were on top of the boat, on the front of the boat, and it's a little wobbly, right? So I thought Scotty was gonna fall into the water. I brought my phone out because I was about to go live, and I feel him about to fall, so I go to stop him and his back hit the phone out of my hand and I watched it fall in.

"I'm looking at the police officers that are right next to us, and everyone is like 'Ohh!' And I'm like, 'not oh, get somebody (to) get my phone!' It dove way too fast, man. It was over for as soon as it hit the water."

The way we'd all heard it, Miller had Godwin's phone in his grasp and dropped it into the depths from which it certainly will never return. Instead, as GMFB's Kyle Brandt quickly realized and pointed out to the Bucs' receiver, Godwin had really just fumbled his phone after a little contact.

"You know, I wouldn't use those words, but it wasn't all Scotty's fault," Godwin said while laughing.

Miller is absolved; Godwin will have to replace his phone himself. More importantly, they all had a good time -- and they're all Super Bowl champions.

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