Cairo Santos jokes he called 'bank shot' on winning FG

The line between hero and goat can be razor thin. Consider the case of Cairo Santos.

With seconds to play in overtime on Sunday night, the Chiefs kicker lined up for a 34-yard field attempt in overtime against the Broncos. It's the type of kick that should be a gimme for any tiny shoulderpadder worth his salt, but things can get dicey when you're on national television ... with seconds to play in OT ... against a division rival ... who just so happens to be the defending Super Bowl champion.

Santos connected with the ball and sent the oblong sphere hurtling directly at the left upright. It looked like a dreadful miss from the jump, but the Football Gods were in a benevolent mood on this evening. The Duke ricocheted off the left upright and tucked just inside the opposite post. Three-point play converted. Chiefs win.

Did I mention the kick looked like it had no chance when it left Santos' foot? Chiefs holder Dustin Colquitt seemed to have shared that sentiment in the moment.

Good to see that Santos has a sense of humor about it all. Of course, it's likely any lighter-side-of-life takes would be absent if his kick had hit the upright about two inches further to the left. Sports, man.

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