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Can Giants quarterback Daniel Jones dazzle again?

What does Daniel Jones have in store for his second act?

The Giants' first-round quarterback dazzled to the tune of a perfect 5-for-5 night passing in his Week 1 preseason debut against the Jets.

A storm abbreviated his first preseason action in the opener and now the Chicago Bears' imposing front will roll in looking to shake up the rookie.

True to form, though, Jones has no lofty individual expectations even though the spotlight is likely to be shining upon him.

"I know there will just be more to it now with the second game," Jones said via the team website. "We've had a little bit more time to prepare, and I'm sure they have, so it'll be just a little bit more, I think. But, I think the same idea is to execute, to move the ball, and score points. So, If I'm doing that, if we're doing that, I think it'll be successful."

It was impossible to be more successful than Jones was in his debut -- small sample size or not.

Against the Jets, he produced a perfect 158.3 passer rating as his five completions added up to 67 yards and included a drive-concluding 12-yard touchdown pass to Bennie Fowler.

Big Blue fans and scribes alike rejoiced in Jones' debut performance -- which was set to be a longer one before a weather delay brought upon an early end.

Jones is hardly looking back and savoring the performance, nor is he looking past anything but careful steps of progress.

"I think my job is to do what I can to improve, to make sure I'm taking the right steps to make sure the offense is moving forward to the extent I can help it," he said. "I think, for the most part, trying not to make mistakes over and over again. I think that's how you learn, is not repeating mistakes. I think that's a big thing, and trying to focus on that. When you're told something once, to correct it and move on so you can take the next steps. I think I've done a decent job with that."

When or if Jones takes the reins from Eli Manning as the starting quarterback obviously remains to be determined, but Jones is sticking to his plan. He's keeping it simple, no matter the perfect night he had in his first preseason action or however that may have altered the perception of others.

"I think for everyone, it's just to build off what we've done, what we did in that first game, and what we've done since then, and kind of taking the next step as a team," Jones said. "I think with each group, it's just building off what we've done."

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