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Cardinals WR Michael Wilson tabs Marvin Harrison Jr. as quick study: 'He's very perspicacious' 

Marvin Harrison Jr. is a quick study on the football field

Just ask Arizona Cardinals teammate Michael Wilson, who's forcing Harrison to study up on his vocabulary, as well.

"I mean he really hasn't had any busts in the playbook and I think he's very perspicacious and always seeking information and very self-aware," Wilson, a second-year wideout out of Stanford, said of Harrison during Tuesday's Cardinals availability.

Harrison, the No. 4 overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft out of Ohio State, was later asked about Harrison's description of him.

"Perspicacious? Nah, see that's that Stanford education," Harrison smiled. "I ain't got that."

For the record, perspicacious -- according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary -- means "of acute mental vision or discernment."

Wilson drew eyebrow raises with his vocabulary flex, while Harrison garnered laughs at his response.

Nonetheless, it's the latest positive review for Harrison, whose physical abilities have wowed during offseason workouts and his ability to pick up the nuances of an NFL offense are clearly already impressing. Perhaps it's of little surprise considering he's the son of a Hall of Famer and has been plying his gridiron trade for most of his 21 years.

As Harrison at this juncture appears to be the as-advertised total package, he could likewise be the star addition who aids in his teammates taking their talents to the next level.

Wilson, 24, had a promising rookie campaign in 2023, turning in 38 receptions for 565 yards and three touchdowns. He doesn't foresee Harrison's addition undercutting his ascension. Rather, he believes he'll rise up right next to his new teammate, giving quarterback Kyler Murray a pair of elite WRs to target.

"I think my mindset is whether he's here or not doesn't change my job description and more role," Wilson said. "My role is to be as good as a player that I can be, to catch the football when it comes to me, and to maximize myself and become as good as I possibly can be. And whether he's here or he's not here, that doesn't change my role. So, from my understanding, nothing changes with him here, I think it just makes the team better. With that being said, I still have the utmost confidence in myself and just how highly I speak of Marvin, I think I can be in that same tier in that category and that's my personal goal too is to eventually become one of the best receivers in the NFL. And I want to go from being a good receiver last year to being a great receiver."

Having Wilson emerge as a "great receiver" would be a massive boon for the Cards, no matter how sterling Harrison's opening campaign can be.

Perhaps having Wilson enlighten and extend his teammates' vocab can only be a positive, too.

Harrison's on board with perspicacious regardless of whether he recognizes the term or not.

"He knows I don't know what that word means," Harrison laughed. "He can keep that to himself. That's awesome, whatever that means that's awesome."

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