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Carl Nassib hopes for fresh chance to continue NFL career: 'Got a lot in the tank'

It wasn't easy for Carl Nassib to announce he was gay last summer, but it was important.

"I just wanted to show that it really doesn't matter, your sexual orientation," Nassib said during an appearance on Good Morning America that aired Tuesday.

With his announcement, Nassib became the first openly gay active player in the NFL. He appeared in 13 games as a rotational defender for the Raiders last season, recording 21 tackles, 1.5 sacks and one forced fumble before the team released him in March.

As of now, the 29-year-old Nassib already has a half-dozen years of NFL experience under his belt. He's also without a job with training camps opening in mere days.

At his best, Nassib has been an edge defender capable of quality production, recording six-plus sacks in each of his two seasons spent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's also been durable, appearing in 13 or more games in each of his six professional seasons.

All he's looking for now is a fresh chance to continue his career.

"The best scenario for me is, like, the best opportunity to show what I got," Nassib said. "Got a lot in the tank."

Nassib first grabbed the attention of the average NFL fan by delivering a slightly inaccurate lesson on compound interest to his Browns teammates during the team's 2018 training camp, which was chronicled by HBO's Hard Knocks.

While the internet roasted him for making mathematical errors, Nassib continued to work on his craft -- the one on the field. Although he didn't end up making the final 53-man roster in Cleveland, he found an even better opportunity to make a difference in Tampa, where he started in 17 of 29 games played with the Buccaneers.

In this span, Nassib ensured he'd last longer in the NFL than the average player. He's hoping to continue that career, which he now knows is about more than just himself.

Nassib told Pro Football Hall of Famer and GMA co-anchor Michael Strahan he "stared at the phone for, like, an hour just looking at it, trying to hype myself up," before posting his announcement about his sexual orientation.

"The last thing I said was like, 'You know what -- for the kids.' And pressed post," Nassib told Strahan.

The NFL backed Nassib immediately last summer, with Commissioner Roger Goodell expressing pride in Nassib "for courageously sharing his truth." A year later, Nassib remains certain announcements like his will only help others feel comfortable with coming out.

"We are making strides in a positive direction," he said. "It won't be a perfect road, and we just have to continue the course and make sure that we do it from a place of love and not from a place of animosity."

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