CB Kevin King on his versatility, chance of playing in Bay Area

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Kevin King

Cornerback, Washington

Born: May 5, 1995

Experience: 2017 NFL Draft prospect

Interview by Brooke Cersosimo | April 20, 2017

I think it starts with the fact that we're all really good friends. We trust each other and trust each other's judgment. If Budda [Baker] tells me something he really believes, as well as Sid [Jones], I'm gonna trust them. Same goes with me. Along with that trust, we don't want to let each other down. When we're back there, especially in practice, we hold each other to that standard. You see the way Budda plays, how fast he plays and that stuff is really contagious. He's running around and the whole defense starts with our unit.

Budda's motor. He always runs to the ball and always plays so fast and instinctive. Sidney's a technician. He is probably the best cover corner in the draft. I'm going to make plays and get the ball. We have to pride ourselves on going to get the ball.

It's definitely challenging [going against John Ross in practice]. But it gives you confidence going into the game. Of course, he's going to beat you, but there's times where we're going to beat him, as well. He's the best guy that we're going to see, so when it comes to game time, it's easy, because the guys aren't as fast or quick as he is. That's the same for him as well, playing against me, Sid and Budda. There aren't going to be too many guys like us in the Pac-12. It's give and take.

[Ross is] maybe like DeSean Jackson or Brandin Cooks.

I'm not exactly sure yet [what I'm going to wear to the draft]. I still gotta figure that out. I got a few options. I can't leak the goods.

We always had talent even before we got over the hump. [Washington coach Chris] Petersen came in and implemented that winning culture, and I know how cliché that sounds. I had no idea that something so little like that could actually get us over the hump. We were stuck at eight games or nine games, and we were a good team, but we couldn't be great. Having that good organization from the top down is really what made us great.

I've always dreamed about being here, but I always kind of knew that I would be here if everything went right. I have the utmost confidence in myself, and you need it to get to this level. I have high expectations, so getting here is the next step for me.

I think seven visits. I've been to the Jets, Cowboys, Raiders, Niners, Eagles, Browns and Baltimore.

Every team that I've [visited] has shown extreme interest in me. You can't really get too honed into what someone says, because I don't know what they're saying to someone else.

Draft day is unpredictable. You really don't know what's going to happen. I'm just going in with no expectations, and hopefully, somebody takes a chance on me.

I see myself as a corner, definitely, but I have that versatility where I can play safety, as well. There might be games where somebody goes down, and I'll have to go in and do that. I have no problem with that. Having that versatility is huge, because a lot of guys can only play one position.

I was [a Raiders fan growing up]. I'm just sad for the city, because I have a lot of diehard Raiders fans, and everybody is pretty upset about it. The Warriors are going across to San Francisco. I mean, they have the A's, but ...

I think it would be huge [to be drafted by San Francisco or Oakland] for my family. They'd have the chance to come see me play all the time. I'm big on family, and it'd be huge for my friends and family to be there and go along on this process with me.

[Richard Sherman] is definitely one of the best to do it right now, so it's definitely high praise. I have the utmost respect for Richard Sherman, but you know, everybody's different. Potential can be judged by no man. But I'd definitely like to go in and make a name for myself. But [being compared to Sherman] is definitely a compliment.

I watch Sherman and Patrick Peterson. I think those two guys are bigger guys, but they're different. Sherman is real smart and knows [the ball] is coming before it comes, so that aspect of his game is something I'd like to emulate for sure. Patrick Peterson is a bigger guy but is more athletic, kind of like a man-to-man guy. So really, I'm just getting some technique and stuff from those guys.

I'm just trying to focus and not pay attention to the media. One day they love you and one day they hate you. We haven't even played an NFL game yet. Going through this, there are a lot of things that are based on other people's judgments, and sometimes that can take a toll. I'm a pretty self-motivated person, so I just have to control what I can. I'm really big on that, and through this [draft] process, I've learned to do that even more.

Shaq [Thompson] said [this process] is going to be long and to just stay the course. Take it one day at a time.

Switching to the business side of it, because in the college side, there's no suit and tie. The NFL really is a business and a lot of meetings, interviews and a lot of things you really don't do in college. Now it's let go of school and pick up your suit and tie. That's probably the biggest change.

I'm really living out my dream. It's something that I've always wanted and dreamed about. I don't think I've really stepped back and looked at it and what's going on, because I'm so in it right now. It's definitely a blessing to do what I've always dreamed of doing and have the opportunity to change the course of my family's life.

I'm a creative guy. I might have been an architect [if not an NFL player].

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