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Chicago Bears punter, kicker roll up to camp in McLaren

NFL players spend most of their TV time wearing helmets that obscure their faces, so you can understand why so many players jump at the opportunity to get in front of the camera and express themselves when given the chance.

I bring this up because a punter showed up to Bears camp on Wednesday in a McLaren. A McLaren is a luxury sports car with a base retail price that starts at $200,000 and goes up over a million bucks. The punter is fourth-year man Pat O'Donnell. He arrived with a passenger -- place kicker Connor Barth. That's right: The punter and the kicker arrived at training camp in the hottest car in the game.

Respect. The. Audacity.

As NFL Network's Randy Moss pointed out to Dan Hellie on NFL Network's Inside Training Camp Live, O'Donnell is scheduled to make about $700,000 this season. That would probably put an automobile like that out of his price range.

Remarked Moss: "I don't know this for a fact, the assumption would be [that's] either a rental car or it's a loaner, or else he's in dire need of some financial advice."

Sound take from Moss, though Willie McGinest -- Hellie's broadcast partner and a dude who might actually pull off showing up to my office in a McLaren -- gets credit for providing the most incisive commentary on the matter.


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