Commanders' Antonio Gibson wants to line up more at WR in 2023: 'I haven't shown my position'

Eric Bieniemy taking over as offensive coordinator of the Washington Commanders brings change for a host of players, perhaps none more so than running back Antonio Gibson.

The former third-round pick who transitioned from wide receiver to running back in the NFL has had an up-and-down three seasons in D.C. He sported a 1,037-yard, 258-carry 2021 season but was in coach Ron Rivera's doghouse much of last year and earned just 546 yards and three touchdowns on 149 carries.

With second-year bulldozer Brian Robinson in line for the starting gig, Gibson profiles as a change-of-pace, third-down back for Bieniemy. The other chance for Gibson to see the field could be lining up more out wide to take advantage of his receiver skills.

In a previously recorded interview with the team's official website that was recently published, Gibson was asked by Fred Smoot, the former Washington defensive back, about his upcoming role and whether he'd play a more significant part in the passing game in 2023.

"Just lining up out wide, like you said," Gibson said. "I haven't shown my position. I feel the same way. Every year we talk about it, but it hasn't happened."

Gibson believes more opportunities to motion out wide and play on the perimeter would unlock his production.

"Hopefully, this year, it comes around to where I get to showcase on multiple occasions what I can do out there," he said. "First, I love being out there. I have fun out there, and once I get the ball in open space, I'm really that guy. At running back, I'm not going to say it's not (possible), because I've seen a lot of guys do it, but those opportunities are not there. Once you catch the ball in that open field, you got so much more space."

Given how last season went following a preseason fumble, Gibson's usage in Bieniemy's offense -- and how the rest of the backfield shakes out -- will be something to track when training camp opens later this month. If Gibson gets his wish and sees more reps out wide, it could help unlock his production after a down campaign.

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