Connor Barwin is the NFL Rembrandt


Michael Perez/Associated Press

Charles Dickens said, "there are only two styles of portrait painting: the serious and the smirk."

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin has a taste for the latter.

Barwin channeled his inner Rembrandt and metamorphosed the profiles of Eagles' linebackers into immaculate aristorcratic portraits.

Using a company called Noblilified, which can "transform all of your fantasies and dreams into actual works of art," Barwin transformed the Eagles' linebacker room into something worthy of a gallery at the Louvre.

Check out some of his masterworks below:

We are especially fond of Brandon Graham's priestly deptiction. Very Velázquez

--Amar Shah is the Digital Features Editor at and a pseudo-expert in the Baroque movement.@amarshahism

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