Davante Adams: Aaron Rodgers' situation not something Packers players 'truly talk about'

Aaron Rodgers' future in Green Bay is the hottest talking point of this NFL offseason. Unless, of course, you happen to be a Packers player.

Star receiver Davante Adams told Fox News that he and other players are focused on their own improvements, not worrying about Rodgers' business.

"Honestly, it's not even something that we truly talk about like that. It's just, everybody's been dialed into what they got to do. There's enough to worry about with themselves than to be going and worrying about what other guys are doing and what their situation is like, especially when we can't control any of that," Adams said. "I think everybody's mindset, everybody is going to love Aaron the same way when he returns, and obviously it's been a little bit of a confusing situation but there hasn't been any negative talk or anything like that. Everybody's behind him."

In Rodgers' absence this offseason, second-year QB Jordan Love got the majority of work. Adams didn't participate much on-field during minicamp, so he noted it's hard to compare quarterbacks. But the wideout said he's liked what he's seen of Love from the sideline.

"Well, it's really, really early," he said. "We've seen some progress, but obviously, when you get into live action and do a little more training camp stuff, you'll be able to further evaluate that, but I like what I see from him so far. He's shown that he's locked in and ready to assume whatever role that he has to and go out there and play, so I'm looking forward to seeing him."

Adams and other Packers players are in a tough spot when it comes to the relationship between Rodgers and the organization. While the receiver has constantly said he has Rodgers' back, there is a fine line players must walk when asked about the QB. Like one of his precise routes, Adams runs that line perfectly.

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