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Dion Lewis enjoys record-setting night vs. Texans

Have a day, Dion Lewis.

The Texans were so busy preparing for Tom Brady this week they forgot Dion Lewis was a sleeping giant threatening to turn Saturday's AFC divisional game into a laugher by halftime.

Watch Dion Lewis make Texans defenders look small and inconsequential out of the backfield:

And now watch Dion Lewis ruin Texans special teams coach Larry Izzo's entire year with a 98-yard kickoff return:

History, kids ...

Lewis fumbled away his next kickoff return, tempting Bill Belichick to send his running back to the cornfields with Jonas Gray and Cyrus Jones

UPDATE: History for Dion! Lewis ran in his third touchdown of the evening in the fourth quarter, becoming the first player in NFL postseason history to have a rushing TD, receiving TD and kick return TD in a single game as the Pats pulled away 34-16.

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