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Does Andy Reid need a Super Bowl title to make the Hall of Fame?

Andy Reid has accomplished so much in his 21 seasons as a head coach with the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. He is the seventh-winningest coach of all time with 207 regular-season victories. In fact, he's the winningest head coach in NFL history without a championship. He will make his seventh conference title game appearance on Sunday when the Chiefs host the Tennessee Titans. Reid is 1-5 in his six previous conference championship games. His lone victory was with the 2004 Eagles, who went on to lose Super Bowl XXXIX to the New England Patriots.

Reid has built an impressive resume, but the one thing he has yet to do is win a Super Bowl. So, the burning question surrounding one of the brightest offensive minds in the game is: Does Andy Reid need a Super Bowl title to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

I played against Andy Reid twice a year for four straight seasons when I was with the Redskins and he was the head coach in Philadelphia. He has an amazing offensive mind and his offenses were always tough to play against. I love the guy, but I'm afraid he does need that Lombardi to get his bust in Canton. He has held a head-coaching position for the last 21 seasons and his teams have been talented, but he hasn't been able to get it done. He has to get this monkey off his back and win now. Andy Reid will reside in Canton when it's all said and done whether he has a Lombardi in his trophy case or not. But ... he needs to win one to prove that his high-flying offense can get to the Promised Land. There's a reason we're used to seeing run-heavy offenses like the Titans' playing late into the postseason, and it's because so many things need to go right for a team to have success throwing the ball. It doesn't take as much to make things happen in the ground game. I look back at the "Beast Quake" game, and the reason Marshawn Lynch coined the phrase with that epic run was because he was simply better than everyone else. I was the fullback on that play and our group (myself included) blocked horribly for Marshawn, but it didn't matter -- our back was not going to be denied. When passing the ball, especially as much as the Chiefs do, so many things need to be in sync -- blocking, the timing of the throw, receivers who can't get chipped or bumped off the line, routes, etc. I could go on but I think you get it.

Reid's offense is tremendous and I want him to show me that the aerial attack that has been so successful in the past has what it takes to win the big one. There's no denying that Andy Reid is one of the best head coaches and offensive play-callers in the NFL. Reid has only had three losing campaigns in his 21 seasons as a head coach. While that's certainly notable, Reid needs something to put him over the edge. That "something" is the Lombardi Trophy. I'm afraid if he doesn't win a championship, the Hall of Fame selection committee will hold it against him when it comes down to it. This one feels pretty straightforward to me. Andy Reid needs a Super Bowl win. Period. There's a reason why it's so hard to win a Super Bowl. Championships separate great coaches from Hall of Fame coaches. With Patrick Mahomes directing the offense and an improved defense under Steve Spagnuolo, this might be Reid's best chance to date. Every Hall of Fame coach has a Super Bowl to his name or a resume a mile long (if not both). Andy Reid has an impressive resume of his own, but I think he needs that Super Bowl victory to ensure his spot in Canton. It's that simple. He wins and he's in. If he never brings home the Lombardi Trophy, his fate will fall into the hands of the HOF voters -- who knows what will happen in that scenario?

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