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Dolphins' Raheem Mostert claims he's fastest player on 'fastest team in the NFL'

The Miami Dolphins might consider starting their own track team next offseason.

The speed combination of Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Raheem Mostert and De'Von Achane has been on display early this season, and with the Dolphins piling on 70 points Sunday, it's the talk of the league, which is why race headlines have popped up outside of July.

Mostert is on the record saying he'd win a 40-yard dash against Hill and Waddle. Asked again Tuesday on The Rich Eisen Show, the running back, who leads the NFL with seven scrimmage touchdowns to open the season, doubled down on the claim, offering reasoning why he's confident.

"Oh yeah, hands down, I win this race," Mostert said. "Look, I'll tell it like this, Rich. When it comes to a race, right, Tyreek is fast, don't get me wrong, but I can break down his speed. He has more of that quick twitch to him, too. For me, I'm more of a long-strider; once I get going, it's hard to catch me, it's hard to beat me. And same thing with J-Dub, he's in between both Tyreek and I. It'll be a good race for sure, but I think I got the upper advantage."

Achane splashed onto the scene Sunday with a blazing 203 rushing yards and four scrimmage TDs. The rookie running back's ability to go from first to fourth gear is mind-boggling.

"Achane, he's in the mix too, he's more of that off-the-burst quick guy," Mostert said, still alluding to the fictional race. "It's going to be neck and neck, I will say this: We are definitely the fastest team in the NFL, and if we had a (4x100 race), it didn't matter what position each player was in, we'd win for sure."

We know who would comprise the Dolphins' 4x100 team. I'm curious about who's running the steeplechase on this Fins Track Club, and why is it not Alec Ingold?

The Dolphins' speed has been out of this world to start the season. They own the five fastest ball-carrier speeds in 2023, per Next Gen Stats.

  • De'Von Achane: Week 3, 21.93 mph
  • Tyreek Hill: Week 1, 21.66
  • Raheem Mostert: Week 2, 21.62
  • Tyreek Hill: Week 1, 21.52
  • De'Von Achane: Week 3, 21.50

Bills head coach Sean McDermott knows what he's up against this Sunday in an early clash of AFC East powers, joking on Wednesday that they need to bring in "a couple Usain Bolts" on the scout team to simulate Miami's speed, per News 4 Buffalo.

So far, no club has been able to match the speed and creativity with which head coach Mike McDaniel deploys it. Sunday's game offers Miami's most difficult test so far on a young season.

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