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Eagles' Dallas Goedert: Jalen Hurts is top-two quarterback in NFL

Jalen Hurts had a breakout campaign in 2022, developing into a stellar passer and punishing runner in the Philadelphia Eagles offense.

The breakout earned Hurts a new $255 million contract, which briefly sat as the largest in NFL history -- until Lamar Jackson broke it a couple of weeks later.

Despite the hype surrounding Hurts' 2022 campaign and the optimism that brings for 2023, Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert recently told the Pardon My Take podcast that he doesn't think Hurts gets enough credit for being one of the best QBs in the NFL.

"I think Jalen has to be at the top," Goedert said in a video posted Wednesday. "If you don't, you're just trying to use his name. You can say he's got good talent around him. No, he's a dog. He's really good. I think he should be top three, top two. It's hard to take anything away from Patrick (Mahomes). You go down that list and there's probably 10 quarterbacks that could be in the top five. Depends on what fan base you are. But personally speaking, Jalen is in the top two."

Obviously, Goedert has a bias, putting Hurts above quarterbacks like Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Jackson, Aaron Rodgers and others. But the TE is correct. You could poll 20 people, asking, "Who are the top 10 NFL QBs?" and get 20 different answers from 2-9. In that context, it makes sense for Goedert to back his guy. Why wouldn't he?

The Eagles are currently paying Hurts like a top-two quarterback, and they believe the 24-year-old is still developing. With a stellar cast around him and a grinder mentality, even if Hurts isn't a top-two QB right now, he has the talent and drive to get there.

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