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Eagles QB Jalen Hurts in 'sponge mode' learning new offense but yearns for 'sustainability' and 'consistency'

As the Philadelphia Eagles kicked off offseason workouts this week, quarterback Jalen Hurts is diving into a new playbook under offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

Moore marks the latest play-caller change Hurts has dealt with since joining the Eagles in 2020. Given his college background, Hurts is adept at adjusting, but he made it clear at some point he'd like to find stability and continuity.

"I think as a player, I definitely yearn for the sustainability and the consistency there. ... As a quarterback, I yearn for those things in a play-caller and a quarterback coach because you kind of see how consistency in those areas can breed excellence," Hurts said, via ESPN. "I find myself in a situation very similar to college in terms of having a constantly revolving door in terms of coordinators and coaches. But I've always managed to have success in it, so that's always been a good thing, because you've been able to learn from people and apply it."

In college -- three years at Alabama and one at Oklahoma -- Hurts never had consecutive seasons with the same play-caller. That cycle has mostly followed him to the pros.

During Hurts' rookie season, Doug Pederson called plays, with Press Taylor as the passing game coordinator/QB coach. In 2021-2022, Shane Steichen was the offensive coordinator, taking over play-calling from head coach Nick Sirianni midway through the first campaign. Last season, Brian Johnson took over the gig.

Now Hurts is adjusting to Moore's voice and system.

"I'm just all ears. I'm a sponge. I think there's some beauty in that," he said. "I'm just in sponge mode. I'm letting them do what it is they're going to do, and then we kind of adjust from there. I think the thing that we all have to understand is the importance of a foundation in something.

"So I want the coaches to declare their foundation in terms of what they want something to be, how they want it to look, and then obviously you're going to adjust from there."

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