Emmanuel Sanders to wear No. 1 for Buffalo Bills

Emmanuel Sanders is moving to No. 1.

The new Buffalo Bills receiver will take advantage of the rule change allowing him to wear a single-digit number.

In his last two stops in San Francisco and New Orleans, Sanders wore No. 17. When the Bills announced the Sanders signing, they did so giving him No. 10, which he wore in Denver for five-plus seasons. The 34-year-old began his career as No. 88 in Pittsburgh after being a third-round pick in 2010.

Bills backup quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will keep No. 10, which he wore during his four seasons with the Chicago Bears. Jake Fromm was assigned 10 last year in Buffalo and will now wear No. 4.

For players changing teams like Sanders, it's much easier to move to a single-digit number as there is no stockpile of jerseys they must buy to make the change.

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