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Five nightmare scenarios for teams picking in Round 1 of draft

After laying out some potential dream scenarios earlier this week for teams picking in the first round, it's only fitting that we take a look at what the opposite end of the spectrum could offer. Here are five potential nightmare scenarios for teams set to select in Round 1.

Keep in mind that these are not predictions. I'm not saying any of it will take place, but franchises, and fan bases, could have their hearts broken if any of it comes true.

Browns beat Eagles to the punch for Marcus Mariota
The skinny: If Mariota begins to slide a bit, we all know which direction the chatter will turn to -- when will Chip Kelly make a move up from No. 20 to land his former Oregon quarterback? Kelly has said he won't mortgage the future to trade up for Mariota, but if he falls to the Giants at No. 9, it should surprise no one if GM Jerry Reese's phone starts ringing. Let's say Kelly determines the price to go up and get Mariota at No. 9, before the Rams, who could pluck the QB at No. 10, are on the clock, isn't too steep, but just when it looks like he's going to land his man, the Browns, one of two teams that have two first-rounders this year (the Saints are the other) swoop in and can offer Reese a more enticing package to land the QB that they think could be their long-sought solution at the position. Well, that would be a buzzkill, to say the least, in Philadelphia.

Dolphins miss out on top three WRs
The skinny: Throughout this offseason, we've been hearing that the No. 3 wide receiver in the draft -- Louisville's DeVante Parker on my board -- could very well be waiting for the Dolphins to help them fill a need at No. 14. However, the price for Parker just seems to keep rising. Colleague Daniel Jeremiah ranks him as the eighth-best prospect in the draft. The nightmare for the Dolphins could be standing pat and watching Parker go before it's their time to pick. The consolation prize? It could be UCF WR Breshad Perriman at No. 14. He, too, is on the rise and some rank him as even with Parker. I still have Perriman sixth in my WR rankings, though.

Falcons get burned by early edge-rusher run
The skinny: The Falcons have a screaming need for a pass rusher, and it appears they're in position to get a very promising one with the eighth overall pick. What if that appearance turns out to be deceiving, though? If Dante Fowler, Shane Ray and Vic Beasley go No. 3, 5 and 6, respectively, before the Bears surprise everyone a bit and take Bud Dupree at No. 7, suddenly the Falcons would be faced with a nightmarish choice. Do they take Randy Gregory, who failed an NFL Scouting Combine drug test, at No. 8 or pass and likely miss out on the top edge rushers?

Redskins stun teams hoping to land Danny Shelton
The skinny: The Redskins signed nose tackle Terrance Knighton this offseason, but only to a one-year deal, and nose tackles like Shelton don't come around often. Could Washington surprise everyone and take Shelton at No. 5? Watching him come off the board fifth overall could be a heart-breaker for some teams, including the Bears, who might have been eyeing him at No. 7 as they start a new era under head coach John Fox. The Bears would still be in position to land a very nice piece even if Shelton went to the Redskins, but Shelton could be the guy they had targeted to build around as they try to turn things around after struggling badly on defense of late.

Eagles miss out on target No. 2, too
The skinny: The Eagles could have their plans foiled twice in the first round. After losing out on Mariota, perhaps they will start to eye the draft's top safety, Landon Collins, with the 20th overall pick. Safety is one of their biggest needs, and Collins is clearly the top guy at the position this year. However, what if a team like the Texans (No. 16) or Chiefs (No. 18), who both have bigger needs elsewhere, decides to snag Collins? Philadelphia could be sent right back to the drawing board.

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