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Indianapolis Colts unveil new 'Indiana Nights' alternate uniform

Indianapolis is taking advantage of the league's alternate helmet rule by creating a new tradition.

The Colts on Thursday unveiled a new alternate uniform that features a first for the storied franchise: a black helmet.

The new fit will be affectionately recognized as "Indiana Nights" and will make its debut in a Week 7 home game versus the Cleveland Browns on Oct. 22.

At first glance, the new threads look similar to the all-blue color rush informs of years past, but the details within tell a deeper story.

The Colts' iconic blue shrouds the jersey and pants, but infused within is a "Heather" material that provides more depth and texture. New features include two horizontal stripes across the shoulder pads, matching the team's customary piping down the pants, and the Colts' secondary logo, which recently debuted during the 2020 season, sits on the front shoulder of the new uniform. Indy is preserving its classic number font, but black piping surrounding it accompanies the most glaring new feature.

The black helmet is a different look for a team that has always sported a white shell. The overall design of the new helmet remains the same with the Colts' legendary blue horseshoe logo, but white trim surrounds it and there is a blue stripe down the middle to clearly separate from the black. A black facemask completes the new look from the neck up.

Ahead of the 2022 season, the NFL approved the return of alternate helmets. Nearly half of the 32 league teams have already taken advantage of the ruling, with most clubs using it to bring back helmets and uniforms of yesteryear.

Sporting a uniform that has remained largely unchanged since 1953, the Colts have decided to establish a new custom with "Indiana Nights."

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