Michael Carter happy Jets drafted RB Breece Hall: 'There's enough for all of us to eat'

New York Jets running back Michael Carter enjoyed a stellar rookie season and was in line for an even more prominent role in 2022. Then Gang Green used a second-round pick on Breece Hall, creating a shared backfield.

Carter insisted Wednesday he's glad the Jets snagged a playmaking running back like Hall, even if that means less of a workload for himself.

"What am I going to do?" Carter said with a laugh. via the New York Post. "I'm happy that we got him. It's not like I'm like, [looking angry], 'Oh my god.' I'm happy. He's a great player and I'm trying to win."

Carter, a fourth-round pick, rushed for 639 yards and four touchdowns on 147 totes in 14 games as a rookie and added 36 receptions for 325 yards. The Jets used a cornucopia of backs last year, and in the games he was healthy, Carter was clearly the best option.

Drafting Hall in the second round wasn't about replacing Carter but rather stacking another playmaker in an offense that lacked explosion in 2021. Hall was viewed by many scouts as the best dual-threat back in the draft and an explosive runner with great vision.

"There's enough for all of us to eat, you know what I mean?" Carter said. "With the amount of plays that we run during the game, we can all eat. Obviously, Breece is a good player. I have nothing but respect for him. He works hard and he asks questions. He's not afraid to ask questions. He's not afraid to mess up right now. He understands that it's a marathon and not a sprint. It's really cool to have him in the room.

"He has a great chance to be something special in the league. I have no problem with it."

If both Carter and Hall stay healthy, the Jets would have the makings of a nice one-two punch out of the backfield that can grind out yards and be a threat to hit home runs. That's a much, much better place than the backfield looked last year.

As with much of the Jets roster, it's about stacking talent at every position. Given that two summers ago, New York's top backs were a high-priced Le'Veon Bell and 37-year-old Frank Gore, the shuffle to Carter and Hall is a dramatic overhaul that underscores the positive direction Gang Green is headed.

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