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Multiple Seahawks players battled flu bug in 'MNF' win

Seattle's latest one-score win was thrilling for Seahawks fans worldwide Monday night, giving the team its 10th victory with four still to play.

What those fans might not know, though, is some of these Seahawks were playing at less than 100 percent. Receiver David Moore and cornerback Tre Flowers each made key plays in Seattle's 37-30 triumph over the Minnesota Vikings, but only after spending much of Thanksgiving and the days surrounding it battling the flu.

Flowers' case of the flu was so bad, he was wearing a mask over his face under his helmet during practice and vomited between plays at least once during a Wednesday practice, according to ESPN. Moore missed two practices. Neither was able to enjoy Thanksgiving.

"It was on Thanksgiving Day. I was just like, screw this," Moore said, via ESPN. "I couldn't eat. That's one of my favorite holidays too because of ... the food. I just felt bad. I couldn't eat my mom's food. I felt sorry for her."

Three additional Seahawks were listed on the injury report during the week with illnesses: linebacker Shaquem Griffin, guard Jordan Roos and defensive tackle Poona Ford.

"It was pretty bad," quarterback Russell Wilson said, again via ESPN. "I don't know if we've ever had that many guys miss practice and go home. Not just miss practice but have to go home for it. So it's that time of year, I guess. But I thought all the guys played great."

By the time Monday arrived, you couldn't tell much. Flowers intercepted Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, and Moore caught a key touchdown pass in the second half, getting behind Vikings corner Xavier Rhodes for a 60-yard score. By the end of Monday night, it was Rhodes who was likely feeling sick, not Moore and Flowers.

It definitely wasn't Pete Carroll, who was thrilled by Monday night's outcome, especially considering the health circumstances.

"I know a lot of teams had this flu thing, and it was legit," Carroll said. "Our guys did it beautifully because they really managed the attitude part of it, and I'm really thrilled about that because when you're feeling that cruddy and that bad, and you're throwing up and everything else you're doing, it's hard to have a good attitude. But these guys found a way, and guys contributed to helping them, and it was not a factor for us at all tonight. We played right through it."

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