NFL fantasy football: Mock draft strategies held it's first experts league mock draft of the year on Monday, May 20th. The standard scoring league consists of NFL Fantasy LIVE members Dave Dameshek, Elliot Harrison, Michael Fabiano, Akbar Gbajabiamila, Jaime Maggio, Adam Rank, Matt "Money" Smith and Jason Smith. Also in the league are fantasy editor Marcas Grant and features editor Alex Gelhar. Each owner was required to put together a lineup of one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one flex (RB/WR/TE), one tight end, one kicker and one defense/special teams unit.

Note: To view the entire 15-round mock draft, click here.

The first step is finding out what pick number I have. Being third is probably the worst pick in fantasy football in 2013. There are two no brainer picks 1-2, after that, it will vary greatly from league-to-league. I went Jamaal Charles because of his big play ability, plus I believe in Andy Reid's track record with running backs. I knew because I was in an expert league, I could wait on quarterbacks.

Did your draft strategy work?

I am very confident that this draft will look good in September. My strategy of securing quality players at wide receiver and running back early paid off, and I was still able to get who I believe will be the top scoring player in 2013, Drew Brees, in the third round.

What was your favorite pick(s)?

My favorite pick is Latavius Murray in the last round. Darren McFadden is so unreliable, you can almost count on him getting injured. The Raiders drafted Murray as a steal, and I believe he will have an Alfred Morris-type impact this season in fantasy football. He can be had in the last round of any fantasy draft you are involved in from now until preseason, where he might raise his value when he shows what he can do. They just don't give out No. 34 to anyone in Oakland. I also think I drafted Vernon Davis and Matt Stafford at a tremendous value.

What pick(s) do you most regret?

Antonio Gates, It was a knee jerk reaction that late in the draft. The idea that Gates was available so late was too enticing to pass up, even though I think there are several young tight ends with upside out there that would probably be a better way of going, such as Tyler Eifert, Delaine Walker or Dwayne Allen.

Who drafted the best fantasy team?

There's no doubt about it -- my team is the best in the league. I have arguably the best quarterback in fantasy football to go along with an elite receiver and top-notch running back playing in a productive offensive system, not to mention quality options on the bench in case of injuries or bye weeks. There's plenty to like about how this roster shapes up.

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