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Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett: Drake Maye progressing 'tremendously' 

New England Patriots rookie quarterback Drake Maye continues to make strides as the club opened mandatory minicamp this week.

By all accounts, the No. 3 overall pick has improved daily throughout offseason workouts, including impressing in Monday's mandatory minicamp session. Maye continued to take No. 2 reps behind starter Jacoby Brissett after leapfrogging Bailey Zappe last week.

"Oh, definitely. Tremendously. Every day he's getting better," Brissett said of Maye, via MassLive. "The good thing about it is, it's not like 'Oh, I got it right now.' He's just constantly trying to find ways to get better. Making some nice throws out there and you're seeing his progression come alive."

Maye's progress is notable at this stage, but we're still far from live action. Minicamp, with no pads or tackling, represents a step in the process for the North Carolina product to eventually take over the starting role.

According to reporters at practice, Maye looked good Monday, flashing his brand of big arm and athleticism. Perhaps the most noteworthy nugget to take away was Maye's quick decision-making, which, if it holds through training camp and preseason action, portends well for the rookie entering the lineup earlier than initially anticipated.

"He's doing a good job of -- he's been here for three and a half weeks, a month, and he's made tremendous strides," Brissett said of Maye. "Not only calling the plays, but footwork, throwing the ball, and his overall understanding of the offense."

First-year coach Jerod Mayo bumped Maye from No. 3 to No. 2 QB last week, but he dismissed the move as very meaningful in the grand scheme of things, saying not to read too much into the move.

"No, not at all. I think I talked about this a little bit last week. The depth charts, there really are no depth charts. I mean, we can say the first group, the second group. We're trying to mix and match offensively and defensively just to see what combinations work," Mayo said. "And honestly, still trying to see where your depth is. And so on a depth chart, it's like, all right, he's a right tackle. But let's see if we can move him here, different combinations. That's part of the whole process."

We've seen top QBs push for starting spots earlier than anticipated in the past. Just last year, the scouting report on the Colts' Anthony Richardson suggested he'd need time behind Gardner Minshew before taking the starting gig. Then he flashed in workouts, training camp and preseason, won the opening day job, and impressed before an early season injury.

Every situation is different, and the Patriots signed Brissett specifically to provide a veteran buffer and mentor. Mayo and his staff have been adamant that Brissett is the starter and expect it to remain so. But if Maye continues to progress, it will become harder for the club to keep the rookie off the field.

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