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Raiders DE Maxx Crosby denies spitting at Steelers G Trai Turner, will appeal fine

Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby plans to appeal a $6,971 fine for allegedly spitting on Steelers guard Trai Turner last Sunday -- an act that Crosby denies and game officials admitted they didn't see on the field, per sources.

Turner was penalized, ejected and fined $15,450 for unsportsmanlike conduct after he shoved Crosby with his forearm and spit at him in the fourth quarter of the Steelers' 26-17 loss.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin -- who argued at length with officials -- said after the game he didn't feel Turner's actions merited an ejection and the incident began when "somebody spit in his face." The only Raiders player flagged after the play was defensive tackle Solomon Thomas, who shoved Turner after Turner spit at Crosby.

The NFL informed Crosby of his fine Friday and attached referee Jerome Boger's report on Turner's disqualification, which says Turner pushed Crosby past Ben Roethlisberger at the end of the play -- a 25-yard touchdown pass to Najee Harris -- and Crosby asked Boger if he saw it. Boger said it was nothing, and while Boger was talking with Crosby, Turner approached and said Crosby spit on him.

Boger responded he didn't see that, at which point Turner struck Crosby in the back with his forearm, and Boger threw a penalty flag. Then Turner charged at Crosby as Boger and another official tried to restrain him and spit at Crosby.

The letter to Crosby did not say how the league determined he spit on anyone. It wasn't visible on any of the angles shown on the CBS broadcast.

The fines came amidst the NFL’s crackdown on unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting, specifically acts directed at opponents that can cause situations to escalate. Including Turner and Crosby, at least 10 players were fined over $100,000 total for unsportsmanlike conduct in Week 2.

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