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Raiders WR Davante Adams 'glad' to beat Packers in first game against former team

Davante Adams won in his first game against the Green Bay Packers, helping the Las Vegas Raiders secure a 17-13 victory Monday night.

Facing the club that drafted him in 2014 and traded him to Vegas in 2022, Adams put up four catches for 45 yards while playing through a right shoulder injury.

"It was good," he said of beating Green Bay, via ESPN. "I wish I could have been able to send them off with a few more plays made, but at the end of the day, we beat them. Now nobody can make up this crazy narrative and talk about how I shouldn't have left and all of this stuff that was getting ready to come if we didn't win. So, glad to get that win over them today. We just want to beat everybody."

With the Packers tossing a ton of coverage at Adams, the star wideout didn't have an explosive game but did add three key grabs on the second-half touchdown drive that gave Vegas the victory.

Adams generated the Raiders' longest pass play of the game, a 21-yarder off a slant when he got lined up against Green Bay edge rusher Preston Smith. It was a play that reminded Packers coach Matt LaFleur of the type of mismatches Adams can provide an offense.

"Yeah, that's happened a lot when Davante was playing for us: You put a receiver in the slot -- you get 'penny,' or five bigs on the field, and a lot of times that 'backer has to walk and you're playing quarters coverage and that's what happens," LaFleur said. "Whether it's right or wrong, it's obviously not the most advantageous for us, so whether we can get a check and get out of that look for us, but credit to them. They schemed it up, they knew what to do when we put that personnel in the game, and I can remember games when we did that to teams.

"That just happens sometimes, but obviously want to have better answers than that."

Adams noted that, despite the win, the Raiders' offense still isn't "looking the way we want to look." But it's better to figure those issues out after a win rather than a loss.

As for the shoulder, Adams said he's getting healthier.

"Not great, but it's good enough to get through it," Adams said. "It's better than a week ago. I'm going to be playing. But, I mean, it's got to take time to heal, but I'll be out there."

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