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Rams HC Sean McVay: Matthew Stafford's 'got a good look in his eye,' motivated to respond to 2022

Matthew Stafford's post-Super Bowl victory season epitomized the Los Angeles Rams' entire title defense.

The quarterback played only nine games before being shut down due to injury -- like seemingly every other significant piece of the Rams' club. When on the field, it wasn't pretty for the quarterback, who struggled to stay upright behind a banged-up offensive line, throwing for 2,087 yards with 10 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Given how Stafford's season went, there were rumors that he might retire at 35, something he's openly rejected (he had 57 million reasons to reject it).

Coach Sean McVay recently told SiriusXM NFL Radio that not only will Stafford return, he expects the QB to bounce back from last season's struggles. The coach noted that Stafford is already throwing after not being able to most of last offseason due to an elbow tendon issue.

"I think just the competitor that he is," McVay said of Stafford. "He loves the game. He loves to be able to go play. He loves to go compete. I think when you look at some of the things that he had to navigate through last year, he's motivated to come back and respond and lead. That's what he's done for such a long period of time. He certainly elevates everybody that he's around. I think this is the first offseason in a long time that he's actually feeling good. He's been able to throw. He's been able to kind of start his rhythm and routine a little bit earlier than previous years. He's got a good look in his eye, and I'm glad he's leading the way for us."

After years of playing banged-up in Detroit, Stafford showed the type of quarterback he could be when appropriately surrounded, aiding the Rams' Lombardi run and making some ridiculous throws along the way. He might be loose with the ball too often, but his arm can help open McVay's scheme.

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl win, L.A. inked the QB to a $160 million extension, which financially marries the team to Stafford for the next several years. A lot of changes occurred for the Rams this offseason, but given Stafford's contract, he was never an option to move. So instead, McVay will hope his QB can stay healthy and return to form in 2023.

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