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Rams' Michael Brockers hopes Seahawks trade Russell Wilson: 'You cross your fingers a little bit'

As Russell Wilson trade rumors spiral into a twister, fans of many teams outside Seattle clamor for the star QB to join their clubs. Players from rivals have their view on the buzz, wishing they might not have to face one of the NFL's top signal-callers twice a year.

Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers joined NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Monday and said he hopes the Seahawks trade Wilson out of the NFC West.

"You cross your fingers a little bit," he said. "You hope whatever you hear is true, and he's out of here, so you don't have to chase him around twice a year. For the most part, he's a phenomenal player, but if he chooses to leave and leave the division and make it a bit little easier for us, man, to each his own."

When your enemies are clamoring for you to make a move, it's usually not the best course of action to comply.

Yet, with the Seahawks brass not unequivocally silencing all rumors regarding their Pro Bowl quarterback, whispers will continue to spread about a possible Wilson trade. The QB has a no-trade clause and could dictate his landing spot.

While questions continue in Seattle, L.A. made its move this offseason to upgrade the quarterback position, agreeing to trade Jared Goff to Detroit for Matthew Stafford.

Brockers believes Stafford's ability to stretch the field and make plays late in games could be the difference to get the Rams over the hump in 2021.

"I feel like just watching him over his career, seeing the comebacks that he's had, seeing so much of the numbers that he's had, were just expecting that to just do better when he comes to the Rams," Brockers said of Stafford. "We expect that to match well with what we do. We feel like with his move, this will be the turning point to where we can just win the big game."

Stafford was often asked to engineer comebacks during his 12 years in Detroit. The veteran QB has the rifle arm to make throws Goff can't. The Rams are banking on that upgrade in Sean McVay's scheme to be the difference between one playoff win and hoisting a Lombardi at the end of the year.

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