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RB Dalvin Cook says odds are 'pretty high' that he signs with Jets

It's July 28, and Dalvin Cook is still a free agent.

That might not be true for much longer. As the calendar nears August, Cook is making sure he explores all of his options as a for-hire running back. Such efforts include taking a scheduled visit to the Jets this weekend, and it could be Cook's lone stop.

"I'm gonna sit down with my agent and we're going to go over things. Right now, we're just taking it one step at a time," Cook said Friday on Good Morning Football. "I think that's what this process is all about, you know, you kind of evaluate everything and you don't skip the process of going through everything. I'm just trying to go through one step at a time and the Jets are right at the top of the list, so let's go check the box."

Cook did not hide his motivations for considering the Jets during his Friday appearance on the show, telling the hosts it starts with one key figure: Aaron Rodgers. With the RB's 28th birthday arriving in early August, the time is now to chase a ring, and Cook feels the Jets are positioned to do so.

"Like you said, A-Rod. It's a unique situation because I think they're building something special over there," Cook said. "When you look at it, you always want to be around a great QB, you always want to be around somebody you can pick his brain and just learn from. A-Rod is a four-time MVP. So, just being around a guy like that you can learn a lot more and just develop as a player. That's what I'm looking to do."

Cook can appreciate what an elite quarterback can bring to a franchise. After all, he just spent five years playing with Kirk Cousins, an above-average, but not elite passer whose abilities still helped the Vikings reach the playoffs twice from 2019-2022.

Moving from Cousins to Rodgers, though, would represent an upgrade. After the Vikings cut Cook in order to save money for future spending, the running back knows nothing is guaranteed. And with the deflation of the running back market remaining a hot topic this summer, he knows he better latch onto a contender while he's still seen as a hot commodity.

Cook was initially seen as a perfect fit for the Miami Dolphins, a team that features a number of quality running backs, but lacks a clear leader at the position. More than a month has passed since Cook was released, though, and the two sides haven't reached a deal.

As training camps open across the league, the time has arrived for Cook to find an employer. The Jets just might be the one.

"I think they're pretty high," Cook said when asked of the chances he signs with the Jets. "I think we're in the position of a team that's building something special, and I want to be part of something special as a player. And I want to add to whatever they got going on. I think the possibility is high, right now, of getting things done."

It sounds as if Cook is ready to make a decision on where he'll play in 2023. Thanks to a headline-grabbing offseason, the Jets are shaping up to be an ideal fit for the veteran. We'll see if the weekend produces a deal for the four-time Pro Bowler.

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