Super Bowl LII analyst predictions: Patriots or Eagles in Minneapolis?

Will the New England Patriots go back-to-back, giving Tom Brady and Bill Belichick a sixth Lombardi Trophy? Can Nick Foles and a ferocious defense pull off the upset, giving the Philadelphia Eagles their first Super Bowl title? Which players will seize the international spotlight shining on U.S. Bank Stadium? Our analysts provide their predictions for Super Bowl LII.

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** The 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) have great chemistry, obvious talent and the type of mental toughness that is essential to winning a championship. What they don't have is 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) and Bill Belichick. 
**MVP:** Tom Brady 
**Bold prediction:** The 
[Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will force 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) quarterback 
[Nick Foles](/player/nickfoles/2532842/profile) into three interceptions. 

New England Patriots 30, Philadelphia Eagles 23

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** Without simply chalking it up to 
[Nick Foles](/player/nickfoles/2532842/profile)' supposed shortcomings, New England has an advantage in the passing game -- provided 
[Fletcher Cox](/player/fletchercox/2533051/profile) doesn't dominate and the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI)' front doesn't collapse the pocket all day. 
**MVP:** Dion Lewis 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Chris Long](/player/chrislong/276/profile) strip-sacks 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) late in the game to get the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) back in it. 
[Danny Amendola](/player/dannyamendola/2649/profile) catches his second TD of the game to ice it. 

Philadelphia Eagles 34, New England Patriots 28

**Why the [Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) will win:** I don't see any holes on the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI), which is a big reason why they are in this position. I do, however, see holes within New England's roster. The wild-card question is, can Foles outplay Brady in this game? In 10 matchups, Foles might win one. But this could be the one. 
**MVP:** Nick Foles 
**Bold prediction:** All of the above. 

New England Patriots 31, Philadelphia Eagles 30

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** The 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) will force the 
[Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) to win with their outside receivers, so that's exactly what 
[Brandin Cooks](/player/brandincooks/2543498/profile) and 
[Chris Hogan](/player/chrishogan/2530515/profile) do. 
**MVP:** Tom Brady 
**Bold prediction:** A missed extra point by 
[Jake Elliott](/player/jakeelliott/2558172/profile) will help decide the game. 

New England Patriots 27, Philadelphia Eagles 24

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile). For all the reasons to believe in the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI), including advantages up front, it's tough to bet against a guy who has proven so many times he can elevate his team on the biggest stage. 
**MVP:** Tom Brady 
**Bold prediction:** Teams that win the turnover battle are 37-6 in the 
[Super Bowl]( The 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) buck the trend. 

New England Patriots 24, Philadelphia Eagles 21

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** I spent a great deal of time with players and coaches from both teams, including 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) and Doug Pederson, this week. As of Monday, I was convinced by the confidence of the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) that Philly would win, but after visiting with Brady again on Wednesday, I changed my mind. How can you pick against Brady and Bill Belichick? 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Nate Solder](/player/natesolder/2495232/profile) and the rest of the 
[Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE)' O-line will keep the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI)' pass rush at bay, and 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) will go the whole game without being sacked once. 

Philadelphia Eagles 27, New England Patriots 21

**Why the [Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) will win:** Bill Belichick's coaching staff has to solve more problems on both sides of the ball than Doug Pederson's staff. Give me the more balanced, complete, loose team here. 
**MVP:** Fletcher Cox 
**Bold prediction:** See above. Cox will be an absolute game-wrecker and drop 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) two times with a handful of other pressures. 

New England Patriots 21, Philadelphia Eagles 17

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) will expose whoever matches up against his main targets, 
[Danny Amendola](/player/dannyamendola/2649/profile) and 
[Rob Gronkowski](/player/robgronkowski/497240/profile). 
**MVP:** Tom Brady 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Nick Foles](/player/nickfoles/2532842/profile) orchestrates a game-winning drive ... but leaves too much time on the clock for Brady. 

Philadelphia Eagles 24, New England Patriots 23

**Why the [Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) will win:** Philly gets out to an early lead, but as we've seen time and time again, 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) mounts a seemingly inevitable comeback. However, this time the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI)' defense comes up with a big play to seal their first championship and squash Brady's last-gasp, fourth-quarter assault. 
**MVP:** Malcolm Jenkins 
**Bold prediction:** 
[LeGarrette Blount](/player/legarretteblount/497149/profile) and 
[Jay Ajayi](/player/jayajayi/2552582/profile) combine for more than 200 rushing yards. 

New England Patriots 30, Philadelphia Eagles 20

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** You can never count 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) out. No matter the situation, he has the ability to lift his team to victory. 
**MVP:** Tom Brady 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Danny Amendola](/player/dannyamendola/2649/profile) has 125 receiving yards and a TD. 

New England Patriots 26, Philadelphia Eagles 23

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** Philly has matchups and needed confidence, but I'm not picking against Brady and Belichick. 
**MVP:** Tom Brady 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Brandin Cooks](/player/brandincooks/2543498/profile) is unstoppable! 

Philadelphia Eagles 24, New England Patriots 17

**Why the [Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) will win:** Bill Belichick takes away what teams do best offensively, but Philly is just to balanced offensively. The 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI)' interior pass rush will be too much for the Pats' offensive line to handle, keeping 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) under pressure all game long. 
**MVP:** Nick Foles 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Corey Clement](/player/coreyclement/2559150/profile) -- not 
[LeGarrette Blount](/player/legarretteblount/497149/profile) or 
[Jay Ajayi](/player/jayajayi/2552582/profile) -- is the back who makes the difference for the 

New England Patriots 24, Philadelphia Eagles 13

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** New England's red-zone defense shuts down Philly, while the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI)' D can't stop 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile). 
**MVP:** Tom Brady 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Corey Clement](/player/coreyclement/2559150/profile) gives Philadelphia's offense a spark, but the Pats' defense eventually adjusts to his speed to stop him. 

New England Patriots 31, Philadelphia Eagles 20

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** At this point, I'm not picking against 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile). There isn't a situation he can't get the 
[Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) out of. 
**MVP:** Tom Brady 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) has a rushing touchdown. Does it get much bolder than that? 

New England Patriots 27, Philadelphia Eagles 20

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** Asking 
[Nick Foles](/player/nickfoles/2532842/profile) to solve the 
[Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) after Bill Belichick has had two weeks to prepare is a Herculean task. Asking the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI)' defense to pick up the slack against a Tom Brady-led offense for four quarters feels equally formidable. 
**MVP:** Tom Brady 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Phillip Dorsett](/player/phillipdorsett/2552424/profile) will validate New England's 
[Jacoby Brissett](/player/jacobybrissett/2555261/profile) trade with 80 yards and a touchdown. 

Philadelphia Eagles 27, New England Patriots 24

**Why the [Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) will win:** 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) says this 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) defensive line is the best he'll face all year -- and the Philly front will prove him right, dominating the line of scrimmage on 
[Super Bowl]( Sunday. 
**MVP:** LeGarrette Blount 
**Bold prediction:** The 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) will score 
*two* non-offensive touchdowns, taking some of the pressure off 
[Nick Foles](/player/nickfoles/2532842/profile), who won't play perfectly, but well enough. 

New England Patriots 27, Philadelphia Eagles 23

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** I really love the way the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) have embraced the underdog mentality and this is great, but 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) once again rallies the 
[Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) late for the victory. 
[Tom Brady](/player/tombrady/2504211/profile) 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Danny Amendola](/player/dannyamendola/2649/profile) sets a 
[Super Bowl]( record with 14 receptions. 

New England Patriots 31, Philadelphia Eagles 24

**Why the [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) will win:** I'm trying out some reverse psychology here. I've picked against the 
[Eagles](/teams/philadelphiaeagles/profile?team=PHI) throughout the playoffs and they keep winning. I hope that trend continues. 
**MVP:** Rob Gronkowski 
**Bold prediction:** 
[Dion Lewis](/player/dionlewis/2495469/profile) has at least 100 rushing yards. 

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