Tim Tebow misses opportunities against Ravens

There will always be two camps in the Tim Tebow debate: One camp which does not see him as a viable NFL starting quarterback, and the other, which feels like the former Heisman Trophy winner is simply not being used in the right way.

Perhaps both sides are right. If an NFL team was serious about building an offense around Tim Tebow, it could be done despite the impracticalities. They could load up on size, bulk up the offensive line, find him two great running backs to work with and plan on controlling the clock.

Then again, Tebow, like we've seen already this preseason, struggles when it comes to reading defenses. The experts at Around The NFL are not the only ones who think so.

His called-back touchdown run from Saturday's preseason game (above) serves as a fine example, and as a collision course for both sides of the argument. Yes, Tim Tebow can move the ball -- he finished third on the team with 31 yards rushing, including a 26-yard breakaway on Saturday. But in the process, he missed some wide-open opportunities.

Luckily, this is not our problem to solve. Eagles head coach Chip Kelly will have to decide between Tebow, who connected on 2 of 5 passes for 13 yards, and Matt Barkley, who finished 6 of 14 for 86 yards.

Barkley is reportedly drawing some trade interest and rightfully so. His summer has been fantastic and he continues to grow as a quarterback.

If he doesn't go anywhere, though, Kelly will be left to settle the debate for us. He can pick a quarterback who has shown an increased proficiency in reading NFL defenses, or he can pick a quarterback who can provide a skill set completely unique to the position.

After two preseason games, the needle might be leaning one way, but Tebow has proven time and time again he is not one to be counted out.

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