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Tom Brady enters broadcast booth with 'high expectation how the game is supposed to be played'

Tom Brady entered the first of two Hall of Fames set to honor him for his legendary list of achievements on Wednesday evening.

He expressed gratitude for his 20 years in New England during an interview on NFL Network's The Insiders that will air on Thursday at 7 p.m. ET as part of the Hertz Let's Go! campaign, checking off every box and reflecting nostalgically on his historically great run with the Patriots.

Eventually, though, it was time to talk about what's next for the greatest quarterback in football history -- the broadcast booth, where he'll join the FOX team this season as lead analyst.

There's no more qualified critic of the pro game than the man with seven Super Bowl rings in his possession. He's ready to let it rip.

"I have a high expectation how the game is supposed to be played and how it needs to be coached, how it needs to be officiated," Brady said when asked by NFL Network Insiders Tom Pelissero and Mike Garafolo of the challenges of analyzing within his own incredibly high standards. "I want to see the game grow; I want to see the game succeed; I want to see it better than ever. How can I play a role in impacting that?

"I can give my opinion, and if people want to listen, great, but if they don't, that's OK. But I only have the best intentions for what I'm about to undertake and I love the group of teammates that I'm undertaking it with."

Brady is set to replace former Panthers and Bears tight end Greg Olsen as the color commentator positioned opposite play-by-play commentator Kevin Burkhardt for FOX's top crew. Few roles are more prominent than the one Brady will step into for his debut.

Given Brady's reputation as a football-obsessive preparer, expect him to be ready for the job. Just don't ask him to be perfect.

"Just loving the time preparing for it and trying to find a good routine to prepare for it as well," Brady said. "I have reached out to a lot of amazing people that have helped me, that have listened to the questions I've asked, answer them thoughtfully. I kind of approached it with how I approach everything -- try to surround myself with the best people and learn as much as I can. That's just the way that I did it in football and that's the way I will do it in broadcasting.

"I've got a lot of things I've learned through playing football that are going to allow me to hopefully convey really unique things to the listeners every single week, but at the same time, there's going to be a lot of growth that I'm going to have over a period of time, too. So, coming out of the box, I want to do well, but I also know that I'm not a finished product, that I'm going to make plenty of mistakes, but I'm going to learn as I go."

Brady's induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame and his shift to the broadcast booth will combine to close the book on his illustrious playing career, a significant moment in the larger history of the sport. It also means he'll be in the front row to watch -- and critique -- the next generation of aspiring star quarterbacks.

Count 2024 No. 1 overall pick Caleb Williams among them.

The Bears' anointed savior isn't shying from expectations, recently stating he wants to surpass Brady's total of seven Super Bowl triumphs. It's an incredibly tall task -- laughable, almost -- but it also meant Brady would be asked about it.

"Everyone's going to find different ways for motivation, and that's certainly a way that Caleb can find it. A lot of people are going to find different motivations," Brady said on The Insiders. "I found them the ways that I did that were useful for me. I think that there's a lot that goes into winning one, and you've got to set your goals high. I would never tell anyone they can't achieve anything because if people told me I can't achieve anything, that would've been discouraging, and I don't want people to discourage athletes one bit. I think people should always reach for the stars.

"Certainly, young quarterbacks in the league, they've got a lot of opportunity, but their career is going to be made by what they choose to do and the work they put in and the relationships they develop with their teammates and the organizations they impact. They should have high goals, but at the same time they're going to have to work hard to achieve them. I really look forward to seeing that process unfold -- that's really where the hard part comes from, for sure."

Brady has already been critical of the next generation of players, which he's said aren't as focused on the most important details required to achieve success. He's bemoaned the quality of football as being too sloppy. And after Williams staked his position as he embarks on his own career, Brady will undoubtedly be watching him closely.

With a headset becoming part of his retirement arsenal, don't expect Brady to hold back.

"Next year you might say, 'Tom, tone it down, man,' " Brady joked. "'You're being a jerk out there. Let these guys grow and develop!' "

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