Top 50 Sounds: 50-41

Sound represents the very essence of the NFL, and nobody understands that better than Bose. As we count down the weeks to Super Bowl 50, let's relive some of the most iconic moments in football history with these 50 greatest sounds of the NFL. This installment is 50-41. 

50. Ray Lewis' best Sound FX

One of few high-profile players to spend his entire NFL career with one team, Lewis was as synonymous with on-field chatter as he was with the Purple and Black. Whether hyping up teammates with improvised sideline speeches or jawing at opposing players as he dominated them on the field, the Pro BowlRavens linebacker never allowed for a dull moment.

49. Mike Pantazis

9/11/1995: There are two kinds of people in the world: those with mullets and those without them. At Soldier Field in 1995, it was the mullet that stole the show. Truthfully, it had nothing to do with the hair, but Chicago Bears superfan Mike Pantazis made headlines by leaping out of his seat and into the tunnel ten feet below to catch an extra point. In mid-air. With his mullet. It's truly a sight (and sound) to behold.

48. "Ice up, son!"

11/18/2013:Steve Smith is to trash-talking what Miles Davis was to jazz: prolific, inventive and, at the end of it all, you're not really sure what you just heard. Perhaps the most quotable player in the league today, Smith has made a career of bullying opponents on the field with both his body and his words. One of his most memorable one-liners came at the expense of Aqib Talib after a particularly physical matchup. Take a listen.

47. Richard Sherman's best Sound FX

11/17/2013: Trash-talking is part of the NFL game, and to do it right, you need swagger. Perhaps no player in the league today exudes more swagger than Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Take a look, and listen, at Sherman in action against the Minnesota Vikings in a Week 11 matchup during the 2013 season.

46. "Mr. President, we need the National Guard, we need as many men as you can spare because we are killin' the Patriots."

11/17/1996:Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe became known for running his mouth on the field, but when you are as talented as he was, you can talk all you want. Unfortunately, the New England Patriots found that out the hard way in a Week 12 game against the Denver Broncos back in 1996. Denver went on to win the game 34-8, and Sharpe felt the need to call in reinforcements to help out his opponent. How kind.

45. Tim Tebow: "There's only one person who carries the ball right here."

12/26/2010: Florida folk hero Tim Tebow has had an uneven NFL career, but one of his brightest moments came against the Houston Texans in Week 16 of 2010. In just his second professional start, Tebow led the Denver Broncos back from a 17-point halftime deficit, including an impressive game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter. As luck would have it, Tebow was mic'd up during that game and provided us with a wonderful anecdote of overconfidence.

44. Brandon Stokley's game-winning touchdown

9/13/2009: Sometimes, a little luck is needed to make a big play. Just ask Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Stokley. With time running out, the Broncos receiver grabbed a tipped pass and took it 87 yards to the house for the touchdown to secure the win for Denver. Announcer Gus Johnson could barely believe what he just saw. You can't draw up a play like this.

43. "Unicorns! Show ponies! Where's the beef?!"

10/13/2013:When a big play happens in a game, most announcers are able to express excitement while simultaneously maintaining their composure. For Bob Socci and Scott Zolak, this was not the case when Tom Brady threw a last-second touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins against the New Orleans Saints in Week 6 of the 2013 season. Just sit back and enjoy.

42. Marshawn Lynch's Beast Quake: "The Beast is alive and well"

1/8/2011: The Man. The Myth. The Mode. Arguably the greatest run in football history, Marshawn Lynch's momentary brush with immortality against the New Orleans Saints in the 2010 NFC Wild Card round literally shook Seattle to its core. What makes it even better is the Seahawks radio announcer losing his mind on the call. Though, to be fair, he handled himself better than any of us would.

41. Mike Singletary: "Cannot play with 'em. Cannot win with 'em."

10/26/2008:The San Francisco 49ers were going through a rough patch in 2008, but newly-promoted head coach Mike Singletary was having approximately none of it. After an embarrassing 34-13 loss to Seattle in Week 8, Singletary expressed his frustrations during a midweek press conference and, in the process, provided us with one of the best sound bites of the 21st century.

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