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Trai Turner determined to lead Steelers' remade offensive line into 'new era'

It was just a few days into Steelers training camp, and new guard Trai Turner had made a mistake. Offensive coordinator Matt Canada didn't even notice it. But Turner knew he had errored and couldn't help but communicate it to his coach.

This is why he's a five-time Pro Bowler, and why the Steelers were happy to add him to their rebuilt offensive line this offseason.

"Obviously a veteran like him who's played as well as he has, I think we're very fortunate to have him and really like where he's at," Canada told reporters, per ESPN’s Brooke Pryor. "And he's worked very hard to not have those mistakes, and to be as efficient as he has been in three days is really a real positive for us and him. Big fan of him."

Turner is playing for his third team in as many seasons. Take one look at the Steelers offensive line, and it's clear why he isn't approaching the situation like a newcomer. Pittsburgh is replacing all five starters from a year ago. Turner, who's coming off an unremarkable and injury-riddled campaign with the Chargers, easily has the most experience of the current bunch.

That he was acquired just a day after stalwart David DeCastro was cut only adds more pressure -- at least in theory.

"I just look at it like it's a new era, a different time, different place," Turner said. "Everything has an expiration date at some point. DeCastro is a great player, and I wouldn't necessarily say I'm replacing him, I'm just the new right guard.

"I'm going to be the best Trai Turner I can be. I've been that since I was born June 14, 1993. That's never changed. I'm not trying to emulate or be somebody else. I'm not taking place of nobody else, I'm not replacing anything. I'm coming in, and I'm setting the tone for who I am and for what I do."

If Turner can be who he was while with the Panthers, the Steelers will have at least one answer in a unit prompting the most questions heading into 2021.

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