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Tre Boston moved to play for Chargers by random man

Should safety Tre Boston end up playing well for the Los Angeles Chargers this season, the team has a random man at a gas station to thank.

Boston, who was deciding between the Chargers, Bills and Steelers in free agency, told reporters the wild story on Tuesday (via We pick it up here after Boston, on a whim, swings into a Charlotte-area gas station to fill up:

"I crossed two lanes to get to the gas station. I pump my gas. After I pump my gas, I put my wallet in my car. After I put my wallet in my car, there's a guy with three kids and he asked me for a little bit of change, or if I had a dollar or two. I gave him a $20.

"So he tells me thank you so much, and that God put me in his life for a reason. And in my mind I'm saying you're here for a reason, too. So in my mind I'm saying should I ask him, 'L.A. or Buffalo.' And before I could ask him, my man told me, 'Thank you so much. There aren't too many people like you in this world, God's children. My name's Mike Daniels, but people call me L.A.'"

The rest of the story is pretty crazy. Boston is crying and looking for a tissue and thinks he sees Jesus on a sign at a gas station. He gives L.A. 80 more dollars.

My takeaway? If I'm current starting Chargers safety Dwight Lowery, I'm absolutely terrified. There seems to be a wild cosmic wave of energy approaching California via Boston. How do you compete with that?

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