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Which current NFL player would you most like to see in the broadcast booth one day?

Tom Brady is heading to the broadcast booth after he really decides to retire from the NFL. On Tuesday, Fox Sports announced that the seven-time Super Bowl champion will be its lead NFL analyst when his playing days are over, and his contract with the network is reportedly for 10 years and $375 million.

This news arrives a day after NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported three-time All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman is deep in talks with Amazon for a key role in its NFL programming for the upcoming season. Other former NFL players who have taken their talents to the booth in recent years include Drew Brees, Greg Olsen, Tony Romo, and Aqib Talib, among others. With this in mind, we ask the question:

Which current NFL player do you most want to see in the broadcast booth?

Cam Jordan, New Orleans Saints
Jeffri Chadiha

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan is the obvious fit here. He's great in press conferences and interviews. He checks all the boxes: thoughtful, opinionated, personable and accomplished as a player. He's also been doing a lot of media while still playing, which is always a smart move. There's little doubt Jordan will transition smoothly into a job in the booth or as a studio analyst once his playing career is complete.

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
Marc Ross

It's Lamar Jackson. Arguably the most exciting player in the NFL on the field, Lamar gives maybe the most honest, heartfelt and unfiltered interviews of any current pro. He has an endearing charm that cannot be coached. His originality, magnetism and realness would be a welcome addition and change to traditional broadcast booth analysis. 

George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers
Maurice Jones-Drew

The first thing I have to ask myself when considering this question is: Who is the most entertaining player in the league? The answer is easy. It's George Kittle. The guy is a riot. He has so much passion for the game and would be so entertaining in the booth.

Cam Jordan, New Orleans Saints
James Jones

I want to bend the rules here and pick Richard Sherman because he's going to be great on TV. He's a straight shooter with so much intel about the game. Plus, he has a ton of relationships with players and coaches around the league. HOWEVER, since my editor won't let me pick him, I'm going with Cam Jordan. He is destined for a career in broadcasting as a high-profile player with a personality made for TV.

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs
Nick Shook

Frankly, either Kelce brother -- Travis or Jason -- would be a good pick, and if you need proof, just replay the Super Bowl LII and LIV parades. I'm picking Travis for his infectious personality, demonstrated on-camera charisma and lengthy résumé of on-field achievements. He'll speak with unquestionable authority and expertise, effectively express the emotions of the game and be sure to crack a few jokes when the time is right. What more could you want?

Headshot_Author_Adam Rank_2019_png
George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers
Adam Rank

If George Kittle doesn’t go into the booth after his playing days are over, then I fully expect him to become a major sports personality on the level of Pat McAfee. I could see him calling games, hosting a podcast, being a wrestling analyst. Hell, he might even be part of the main event in AEW’s "Double or Nothing" one day.

Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans
Joe Thomas

Obviously, I think offensive linemen make the best analysts, so I'd love to see Taylor Lewan in the booth. He's funny, witty, energetic, entertaining and already has some media experience. Lewan's personality is made for TV, and his knowledge of the game is endless.

Cam Jordan, New Orleans Saints
DeAngelo Hall

Cam Jordan is already a star on the field as the face of the New Orleans Saints, and he'll maintain star status in the broadcast booth if he pursues that career path once his playing days are over. He's done a lot of media work in recent years. People will gravitate toward him because of his charisma and knowledge of the game.

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs
Nate Burleson

Kelce knows the game inside and out, so he would be just as smooth in the booth as he is on the field! Also, he has a great sense of humor, which means the viewers would be thoroughly entertained all game long.

George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers
David Carr

Everything George Kittle touches turns to gold in terms of content, whether that's a highlight-reel catch, a pancake block or his sense of fashion. He has no shortage of personality and getting to spend every Sunday listening to his analysis would just be too much fun.

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