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WR A.J. Brown on Eagles getting over Super Bowl loss: 'At some point, you've got to get off the mat'

Losing Super Bowl LVII forced the Philadelphia Eagles to talk about chips instead of 'ships in 2023 as they return for offseason work.

Multiple Eagles players have noted that the 38-35 loss to Kansas City left the proverbial chip on their shoulder heading into a new campaign. Star receiver A.J. Brown said Wednesday, with the offseason ramping up before June's mandatory minicamp, now's the time to turn the page.

"Me personally, I took some time to watch and try to learn from the mistakes -- not just from that game, just from all year," he said. "But in terms of that game, you just can't dwell on it. That's life. Not everything is going to go your way. At some point, you've got to get off the mat and get back working. I think that's where this team's at right now, definitely have that chip on that shoulder. Still taking it day by day, still early. You're just building the house brick by brick."

Brown added that it's not difficult to flip to the next chapter because the Eagles are built for the long haul.

"No, it's not hard to do, 'cause this is our lives," he said. "We're world-class athletes for a reason. Adversity happens. That was a big one. It's the Super Bowl. But as athletes, we face adversity all the time. Even if it's small adversity, we face it, and we have to deal with it. I look at it in terms of it's just life. Of course, you can want something so bad, but if it's not your time, it's just not your time. Get back to work. Don't quit. You never know cause next time could be your time. We one day at a time. We not trying to look ahead, season's far ahead, but we working one day at a time."

Brown joined Philly during a 2022 draft-day trade and became a key cog for Jalen Hurts' evolutionary season. Brown snagged 88 catches on 145 targets for 1,496 yards and 11 touchdowns last season. The developing chemistry between Brown, Hurts and DeVonta Smith could lead to the next phase of the Eagles' burgeoning offense under new coordinator Brian Johnson.

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