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2005 NFL Draft do-over: San Francisco 49ers get Aaron Rodgers

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There's nothing like reviewing previous drafts to see where NFL evaluators got it right or wrong on draft day. Although there are several factors that determine whether a prospect plays up to expectations, it's a little fun to reshuffle the deck based on the information that we have now about the players and teams at that time. Here's how I would re-do the 2005 NFL Draft if I had a crystal ball and a magic wand:

1. San Francisco 49ers
Pick:Alex Smith, QB
Do-Over:Aaron Rodgers, QB
Comment: If the 49ers could do it all again, I'm pretty sure Rodgers would get the nod in this debate. The former Super Bowl MVP has crushed it since stepping into the starting lineup, and emerged as possibly the best quarterback in football.

2. Miami Dolphins
Pick:Ronnie Brown, RB
Do-Over:DeMarcus Ware, LB
Comment: Ware will go down as one of the most disruptive defenders in NFL history following a decorated career that features 100-plus sacks and 32 forced fumbles. He would've elevated the Dolphins defense and put fear in hearts of offensive coordinators in the AFC.

3. Cleveland Browns
Pick:Braylon Edwards, WR
Do-Over:Roddy White, WR
Comment: White was a slight surprise as a first-round selection at the time, but he has proven to be one of the top playmakers at his position throughout his career. With a gritty style that would've earned kudos from the "Dawg Pound", White would've been a nice fit in Cleveland.

4. Chicago Bears
Pick: Cedric Benson, RB
Do-Over:Frank Gore, RB
Comment: Gore, the five-time Pro Bowler, is unquestionably one of the top backs in NFL history. He is the bell cow the Bears desperately wanted in Benson, but is a more consistent and explosive performer than his counterpart.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pick:Cadillac Williams, RB
Do-Over:Marion Barber III, RB
Comment: If the Buccaneers were looking for a tough, physical running back to anchor the running game, it's hard to dispute taking Barber at this pick. The former Pro Bowler bullied opponents with his hard-nosed running style over a solid seven-year career.

6. Tennessee Titans
Pick:Adam "Pacman" Jones, CB
Do-Over:Antrel Rolle, DB
Comment: Rolle didn't cut the mustard as a pure cover corner, but his versatility at safety has made him a perennial Pro Bowler at the position.

7. Minnesota Vikings
Pick:Troy Williamson, WR
Do-Over:Vincent Jackson, WR
Comment: The Vikings whiffed on Williamson as Randy Moss' replacement. Jackson is definitely not on Moss' level, but the big-bodied pass catcher has emerged as one of the top receivers in the NFL.

8. Arizona Cardinals
Pick:Antrel Rolle, DB
Do-Over:Carlos Rogers, DB
Comment: Rogers has flown under the radar for most of his career, but his sticky cover skills would've served the Cardinals well against NFC West competition.

9. Washington Redskins
Pick:Carlos Rogers, DB
Do-Over:Shawne Merriman, LB
Comment: Merriman was arguably the league's most explosive pass rusher from 2005-2007 until injuries robbed him of his athleticism and power.

10. Detroit Lions
Pick:Mike Williams, WR
Do-Over:Heath Miller, TE
Comment: Williams flamed out quickly in Detroit due to immaturity and weight issues. Miller would've been the perfect complement to Calvin Johnson on the outside, and given Stafford a dependable weapon to rely on in key situations.

11. Dallas Cowboys
Pick:DeMarcus Ware, LB
Do-Over:Cameron Wake, DE
Comment: Wake is a high-energy pass rusher with the speed, quickness and athleticism to wreak havoc off the edges. While he is not quite up to Ware's level, Wake's numbers are near the top of the charts over the past few seasons.

12. San Diego Chargers
Pick:Shawne Merriman, LB
Do-Over:Derrick Johnson, LB
Comment: Johnson's career got off a slow start in Kansas City, but he would've shined in a Chargers defense designed to funnel the action to the inside linebacker.

13. New Orleans Saints
Pick: Jammal Brown, OT
Do-Over: Same
Comment: Brown was one of the best offensive tackles in the game for a three-year period in the middle of his career.

14. Carolina Panthers
Pick:Thomas Davis, DB
Do-Over: Same
Comment: Davis overcame three torn ACL injuries to become a stalwart on the one of the best defenses in the NFL.

15. Kansas City Chiefs
Pick:Derrick Johnson, LB
Do-Over:Alex Smith, QB
Comment: Smith's steady hand and superb leadership skills would've helped the Chiefs continue their winning ways long before 2013.

16. Houston Texans
Pick:Travis Johnson, DT
Do-Over:Chris Myers, G
Comment: It's rare for a team to pull the trigger on an interior lineman at this point of the draft, but Meyers has proven his worth as a two-time Pro Bowler for the Texans.

17. Cincinnati Bengals
Pick:David Pollack, LB
Do-Over:Adam "Pacman" Jones, CB
Comment:Marvin Lewis helped Jones grow into a solid playmaker and citizen in Cincinnati. Jones would've likely fulfilled his immense potential if he had arrived in the Queen City earlier in his career.

18. Minnesota Vikings
Pick: Erasmus James, DE
Do-Over:Justin Tuck, DE
Comment: Tuck has been a steady playmaker and leader throughout his career. He would've added a different dimension to a talented frontline in Minnesota.

19. St. Louis Rams
Pick:Alex Barron, OT
Do-Over:Marcus Spears,DT
Comment: Barron was a complete bust in St. Louis, so I'm sure the Rams' brass would've kindly taken a dependable defender like Spears in a do-over.

20. Dallas Cowboys
Pick:Marcus Spears, DT
Do-Over: Jay Ratliff, DE
Comment: To the Cowboys' credit, the team selected Ratliff in the seventh round of the 2005 draft. Based on his career production as a four-time Pro Bowler, he would be viewed as one of the top defenders in the draft in a re-do.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars
Pick:Matt Jones, WR
Do-Over:Evan Mathis, G
Comment: The Jaguars incorrectly gambled on Jones' supreme athleticism translating into exceptional production as a receiver. Given another shot, the Jaguars would draft a solid interior blocker like Mathis to fortify the offensive line.

22. Baltimore Ravens
Pick:Mark Clayton, WR
Do-Over: Cedric Benson, RB
Comment: Benson didn't play up to expectations in Chicago, but he was certainly talented enough to be a difference maker in the right environment.

23. Oakland Raiders
Pick:Fabian Washington, CB
Do-Over:Logan Mankins, G
Comment: The late Al Davis had an appreciation for tough, hard-nosed players. Mankins definitely fits the bill as a tenacious interior blocker with a nasty disposition.

24. Green Bay Packers
Pick:Aaron Rodgers, QB
Do-Over:Nick Collins, FS
Comment: The Packers' original second-round selection was one of the best safeties in the NFL during his prime. Injuries prematurely ended Collins' career, but he definitely made his mark as a ball hawk in Green Bay.

25. Washington Redskins
Pick:Jason Campbell, QB
Do-Over:Matt Cassel, QB
Comment: It's hard to justify taking a college backup quarterback with zero snaps in the first round, but Cassel has proven to be a capable NFL starter during his career.

26. Seattle Seahawks
Pick:Chris Spencer, C
Do-Over:Brandon Browner, DB
Comment: As one of the original members of the "Legion of Boom", Browner would've been a welcome addition to the Seahawks' secondary as a top pick.

27. Atlanta Falcons
Pick:Roddy White, WR
Do-Over:Ronnie Brown, RB
Comment: Brown's versatility as a runner/receiver would've been enhanced in a Falcons offense built around the talents of a feature back.

28. San Diego Chargers
Pick: Luis Castillo, DE
Do-Over:Braylon Edwards, WR
Comment: Say what you want about Edwards' quirky ways, the big-bodied receiver certainly possessed the talent to be one of best receivers in the game during his time. Although he never fully lived up to the hype, the Chargers would've welcomed the presence of a Pro Bowl receiver on the perimeter to help Philip Rivers reach his potential.

29. Indianapolis Colts
Pick:Marlin Jackson, DB
Do-Over:Corey Webster, DB
Comment: Webster carved out a nice career as a cover corner for the New York Giants. He would've been a nice addition to the Colts' secondary.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers
Pick:Heath Miller, TE
Do-Over:Michael Roos, OT
Comment: Roos has quietly played at a Pro Bowl level for years, yet is rarely recognized for his efforts. He would've solidified the Steelers' biggest offensive weakness for the past decade with his presence at left tackle.

31. Philadelphia Eagles
Pick:Mike Patterson, DT
Do-Over:Trent Cole, DE
Comment: The Eagles nabbed Cole in the fifth round of the 2005 draft, but the two-time Pro Bowler has certainly exceeded those expectations with his dominant play throughout his career.

32. New England Patriots
Pick:Logan Mankins, G
Do-Over:Brandon Jacobs, RB
Comment: Imagine a big, powerful runner like Jacobs in the backfield to complement Tom Brady's pinpoint passing skills.

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