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Bills WR Stefon Diggs on Buffalo's early playoff exit: 'It doesn't make sense'

Bills receiver Stefon Diggs is still wrestling with Buffalo's latest premature playoff exit.

Joining HBO's The Shop recently, Diggs said he couldn't understand how the team fell short once again.

"It doesn't make sense. I'll rack my brain with this s--- at this point," Diggs said. "I think it's more execution than anything. S--- is small little pieces on why s--- is not going right. ... We've got the players. We've got the plays. Why s--- ain't coming together? That's where you draw some of those questions. I never want to question who I am, I never want to question how I am. I'm giving this s--- everything I've got. I'm dying on the hill for that."

On paper, the Bills were a Super Bowl contender, but everything went wrong in the 27-10 Divisional Round loss to Cincinnati.

In snowy conditions, the Bills' pass rush was stymied, and the defense got worked over by Joe Burrow & Co. The offense couldn't sustain drives, was dismal on third downs, and went just one of three in the red zone.

Diggs was frustrated during the contest, catching just four of a game-high 10 targets for 35 yards in the loss. The wideout was seen on the sidelines gesturing at Josh Allen at one point. He also reportedly left the locker room early in frustration following the loss before being brought back by teammate Duke Johnson.

The loss highlighted the holes remaining on the Bills' roster for 2023. Diggs needs a true No. 2 sidekick at receiver. The offensive line needs to be overhauled. The defense will undergo a transition on defense, with coordinator Leslie Frazier stepping aside.

The Bills should remain one of the AFC Super Bowl contenders, but the offseason hype might be more tempered in 2023. However, the internal pressure to finally get over that January hump will remain hot in Buffalo.

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