Is ceiling higher for RB Nick Chubb under new Browns regime?

Much ado has been made of the prospects for Baker Mayfield with new head coach Kevin Stefanski piloting the Cleveland Browns.

It's hardly a novel concept to prognosticate the fortunes of a hopeful franchise quarterback beneath the umbrella of a new coach.

Looking back at how Kirk Cousins fared in Stefanski's offense would only seem to fare well for Mayfield looking forward.

However, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook turned in a star-making performance under Stefanski, as well, so it's easy to surmise another sensational season for Nick Chubb. That, in turn, begs the question of just how high the ceiling is for Chubb, who has churned out an amazing start to his career already.

Over his first two seasons, Chubb has rushed for 2,490 yards, which is the greatest start in Browns history, having run past the previous standard of Hall of Famer Jim Brown, who had 2,469 yards in his first two years.

Most Rush Yards in First

Two Seasons Browns History

(Per NFL Research)

Seasons   Rushing Yards

Nick Chubb    2018-19   2,490

Jim Brown     1957-58   2,469

Kevin Mack    1985-86   1,769

Marion Motley  1946-47   1,490

While the Browns were limping along in a 6-10 2019, Chubb was very much running strong for the majority of the campaign. Finishing the year with 1,494 yards, Chubb trailed only rushing titlist Derrick Henry (1,540 yards) and also ran off seven 100-yard games, which tied Ezekiel Elliott for tops in the league.

Those 2,490 yards are third in the NFL over the past two seasons and further evidence that in just two seasons, Chubb has become one of the top backs in the league.

Stefanski's last year with the Vikings combined with Chubb's amazing start is ample reason for optimism that bigger autumns are ahead.

Stefanski's lone full season as Minnesota's offensive coordinator last year was Cook's third season in the pros and far and away his finest yet. Granted, Cook was relatively free of injury problems that had previously plagued him, but his numbers were scintillating all the same with career-highs of 1,135 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns.

Kareem Hunt is also returning for a full season so perhaps that might limit Chubb's carries.

Nonetheless, the prospects and hopes are high for Chubb in Year One under Stefanski. Little has slowed Chubb down over his first two seasons and Stefanski's arrival provides reason that things might actually speed up.

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