Jon Gruden on Allegiant Stadium: 'Greatest thing I've ever seen'

Allegiant Stadium -- the brand new home of the Las Vegas Raiders -- is closing in on completion.

And Jon Gruden thinks it's "freaking awesome" and "the greatest thing" he has ever seen.

Those messages were part of a video message the Raiders coach delivered to the stadium workers who are getting the new confines ready for the upcoming season.

It was a nod to the workers' efforts and skills, especially coming amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and a bit of a locker room speech to get them fired up as they head to the home stretch of finishing the state-of-the-art stadium on 3333 Al Davis Way in Paradise, Nevada.

"I just had a couple thoughts. Working on my game plan. But I just have to tell you, the stadium looks freaking awesome," Gruden said in the video. "It's the greatest thing I've ever seen. And I just want to congratulate all you workers for an incredible accomplishment during adversity. It's the two-minute drill. You've done 99% of the work, maybe 97% of the work. I just challenge you to finish like a champion."

Construction began in November of 2017 and the stadium will house 65,000 fans at full capacity.

Before signing off, Gruden also had well wishes for the workers and presumably all of Raider Nation.

"I do want to remind everybody, too, be safe," he said. "Wear your mask, be safe and take care of yourselves. Love you guys, thank you."

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