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Neil Reynolds Week 10 Power Rankings

Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds returns with his 'Pre-Week 10 Power Rankings'. Watch Neil every Sunday LIVE on Sky Sports at 6pm.

The loss of Kwon Alexander at linebacker hurts but this resilient team has shown it can laugh in the face of injuries and offensive tackle Joe Staley could be back this week.

Lamar Jackson is a stud, the running game leaves defenses confused and on their heels and their dismantling of New England also saw Baltimore's defense step up big for a second straight game.

Don't worry too much about the Patriots being run all over last weekend, although they do have some more mobile QBs to come. More pressing is finding some life for a struggling offense.

This is harsh on the Saints who drop a spot just for being on a bye week. I just couldn't pull the trigger on dropping New England this far down. But the Saints are genuine Super Bowl contenders.

Tyreek Hill is rounding into form and Patrick Mahomes should be back after Matt Moore's nice job in relief. And it seems as if Steve Spagnuolo's defense is starting to make more plays.

I'll forgive the Packers laying a proverbial egg in LA, just this one time. They need a big bounceback game against Carolina on Sunday and I would trust Aaron Rodgers to get that job done.

Russell Wilson just never knows when he is beaten. I should be worried about a game at home vs Tampa Bay being such a struggle, but all I saw was another MVP display from number three.

Deshaun Watson makes magic every single week, Carlos Hyde seems to be a running back re-born and the defense - minus JJ Watt - was impressive at Wembley Stadium last weekend.

That was a tough loss on the road at Kansas City but let's not panic too much just yet. The Vikings remain a talented team and they are going to be in the playoff picture all through December.

The rested Rams return to action this weekend and seeing Jared Goff's performance at Wembley Stadium on a week to week basis is going to be key. The passing game must power this team now.

The Cowboys are much-scrutinised and criticised but their offense is in fine shape at 436.8 yards per game and 6.7 yards per play and a second half run to the playoffs seems on the cards.

The Eagles are healthy in the secondary and appear to be rounding into the team they expected to be. But injuries are still a worry with DeSean Jackson now on IR with his abdomen injury.

All eight of the Colt' games this season have been one-score affairs. That in itself is incredible but it is also worrying when you have a shaky kicker who appears on his last legs in Adam Vinatieri.

It's all yours, Kyle Allen. With Cam Newton now gone for the year, this is Kyle Allen's team. Who are we kidding? This team firmly belongs to Christian McCaffrey and rightly so.

I see the Bills much higher in other power rankings but I'm just not sold on this team. I don't think they can keep pace with a number of AFC teams in the playoffs with Josh Allen at the helm.

Freed from the shackles of the Miami Dolphins, Minkah Fitzpatrick is proving himself to be a talented and opportunistic safety and a focal point of a turnover-hungry Pittsburgh defense.

They could use some work on the defensive side of the ball but Jon Gruden's men are fun to watch and Derek Carr is doing well at quarterback while Josh Jacobs flourishes in the backfield.

The London... sorry, LA Chargers are a tough team to figure out. I think what they amount to is a club that is always going to be in close games. They will win some and lose some but they are in a hole that may prove tough to dig out of.

Give me Matthew Stafford, Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay... do what you want with the rest of this Detroit Lions roster.

Derrick Henry had two touches in the first half of Tennessee's loss to Carolina and 14 in the second half. That makes no sense to me. Give the big man the football early and let him wear them down.

Farewell, Gardner Minshew. We hardly knew you. Now what are the Jags' marketing team going do with all those stick-on moustaches? Nick Foles will be back at the helm after the bye week.

The Bears are broken and not just at quarterback. The whole offense stinks and that is connected to a worn-out defense getting run on week after week. It could be time for Chase Daniel.

Jameis Winston looked pretty good up in Seattle this past weekend and that is the problem with predicting his long-term future. He can look good one week and suck the next. No consistency.

In what was a meaningless game between two teams in the midst of lost seasons, this stood out to me. Denver held Cleveland to 90 rushing yards on 29 attempts. Decent.

Kenyan Drake looks like a nice fit in Kliff Kingsbury's attack and David Johnson could be back this week. But the passes to Larry Fitzgerald have dried up. He has seven catches in the past three games.

Baker Mayfield is ageing before our very eyes and the Browns failed to score a touchdown in Denver. The difference between offseason perception and in-season reality with this team might be the starkest in recent NFL history.

Daniel Jones has lost five in a row. Might be time to give that kid, Eli, a fair shot at the job. I'm joking, Giants fans. Stay the course, suck it up this year and brighter days lie ahead.

The Falcons are coming off a bye but I have learned that the mood inside Atlanta's locker room is still very positive. Dan Quinn is good people and he has not lost this team... yet.

I knew Ryan Fitzpatrick was going to mess up the whole 'Tank for Tua' thing. The Dolphins have been getting better and better for the past month and victory over the Jets was no surprise.

I wouldn't take the whole 'Sam Darnold sees ghosts' thing as a negative. At least that means he is seeing something. At the moment, he is playing like he has been blindfolded. Oh, and Adam Gase must surely go!

The Washington Redskins are now routinely playing two and a half-hour games. Could it be that this team knows it is so bad that it is running out the clock from the opening whistle?

The Bengals are coming off a bye and the onus is now on Ryan Finley to continue stinking up the joint. If he can keep the malaise going, Tua is going to be wearing stripes come 2020.

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