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NFL Fantasy 2021 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em Week 16: Wide receivers

You have lineup questions. We have answers. At least we hope. Start 'Em & Sit 'Em has helped fantasy managers for years make those pressing lineup decisions. And you know what is a good decision? Starting Patrick Mahomes. But that's too obvious, so you won't see that here. Instead here are some of the most-pressing questions. And, if you can't find a player you are looking for, please check out latest NFL Fantasy lineup rankings right here.

Start 'Em

Van Jefferson
Los Angeles Rams · WR
Minnesota Vikings
2021 · 7-7-0

Van was a preseason darling of the fantasy community who has actually worked out. Normally it goes the other way, but we’re excited for him. He had touchdowns in three straight headed into Tuesday night versus the Seahawks. He’s got a great matchup against the Vikings, who have allowed the most fantasy points to receivers this year. And that figure should have been worse, but Justin Fields has this annoying habit of hitting his receivers in the hands. Sorry, this isn’t about the Bears. I’ll move on. 

Brandon Aiyuk
San Francisco 49ers · WR
Tennessee Titans
2021 · 9-5-0

Obviously not his best game on Sunday. But he’s got a great opportunity for a bounce-back this week against the Titans, who have allowed the most receptions and second-most fantasy points to receivers this year. It’s a little scary because he does still have George Kittle and Deebo Samuel competing for targets. But this is a favorable enough matchup. We should be good, which are famous last words, like when you’ve been driving on E for a while. But still, we should be good. 

Russell Gage
Atlanta Falcons · WR
Detroit Lions
2021 · 2-11-1

Look, when Gage went out there and “Moss’d” that dude on Sunday, I was like, “I have to start taking this guy seriously.” Like, it was cool when he was getting fantasy points, but you didn’t think of him as a real receiver. You know what I mean? Like when Batista started doing movies and then you realized, oh shoot, this dude is actually good at this, and you noticed how great he actually is. That’s right, Gage is Dave Bautista. And yes, it’s two different spellings. Both correct. 

Michael Gallup
Dallas Cowboys · WR

I’m starting all three Cowboys receivers in various leagues, but wanted to take a moment to recognize Gallup who has scored at least 10 fantasy points in three of his last four games. The Football Team has allowed the third-most fantasy points to receivers this season. And did you see what Devonta Smith did to the FT on Tuesday night? Did you? I’m writing this in advance. But I’m forecasting. 

Sit 'Em

Chase Claypool
Pittsburgh Steelers · WR
Kansas City Chiefs
2021 · 10-4-0

Hey, sorry about the Ray-Ray McCloud rec last week. That’s on me. Hopefully you weren’t playing him in season-long leagues, and it was just a DFS pick for you. I will tell you, however, Ray-Ray has run more routes than Claypool in three straight games. The Chiefs have allowed one offensive touchdown or less in three out of their last four. 

D.J. Moore
Carolina Panthers · WR
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2021 · 10-4-0

I love D.J. I wish he could enter the NFL transfer portal; that would be amazing. But he’s failed to reach top 20 status in more than one game in his last 10. That doesn’t speak to his talent. The Panthers' quarterback situation is also in flux, so there that’s kind of a problem, too. I love Cam Newton. You all know this. But he’s averaged 154 passing yards per game this season. That’s not a lot of yards. 

Kendrick Bourne
New England Patriots · WR
Buffalo Bills
2021 · 8-6-0

He finally saw more than five targets in a game, but he’s had less than in his previous five before that. The Bills have allowed just two receivers to top 20 fantasy points on them this year -- Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. Both who play for former Patriots QB Tom Brady. Whoa. Maybe I need to rethink this. Just kidding, we’re benching him. 

Marquise Brown
Baltimore Ravens · WR
Cincinnati Bengals
2021 · 8-6-0

I’m really impressed with Tyler Huntley. I’m not saying he’s better than a healthy Lamar Jackson. I’m not a crazy person. But he’s looked pretty good and some team that needs a quarterback next year should give him a look. Like the Packers maybe. But I will say this; no matter who the quarterback is for the Ravens this week, it’s hard to go with Brown. He’s had five consecutive games with less than 62 receiving yards. He’s had 6.7 yards-per-reception since Week 10. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. And he’s he will get better at some point. But I can’t trust him in the playoffs. 

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